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I am so happy that I didn't take the vaccine..

Whenever anyone has asked if I have been vaccinated, I just casually comment that "oh yeah, I got that downtown at the place...." and then I would just drift off mumbling... They would respond saying "good"...

In the beginning of this covid hoax, everyone assured me that covid would come and go in a few weeks...

After looking at a few things online, I assured them that covid was going to be around until your children's children have grandchildren.

That's a long time... and now, here we are, a couple years later and still covid is embedded into our society.

I also said from day one of covid that covid is a political weapon and that their plan is to eliminate 90% of the Earth's population. Those we're my words, not the words of a video or a website.

One of my exwives was very healthy, and then she got vaxxed and developed severe diabetes and neuropathy, she can barely see and can't hardly walk, she sure can't drive any more..

Fk Biden and fk fauci.

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msm is saying the movie is fake, which is good, because then it can stay up for more people to view, and just ask the question, what was the point in a useless vaccine forced on everyone?

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Same twats that did the "covid is snake venom in the tap water" shit. Hard pass.

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This gives me a shred of hope after watching a very grim & compelling documentary. The date and evidence is getting overwhelming.

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"The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer. They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER..." that's all you need to know. If not familiar:

The powers-that-be often seed obviously fake narratives, so people look like twats for sharing or believing in such shit. These people seem to be such distractors.

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How do you interpret the censorship of those documentaries? It appears they do it as a way of exploiting the Streisand effect. They know that people like us will react to censorship by watching and spreading the information, thus making us look like idiots. And this practice is at least 100 years old. The banksters universally denounced the federal reserve bill because they know that'd have the opposite effect of making it popular, that was the point. What are your thoughts on this?

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Yeah, it's 'censored' but not really.

I finally got around to watching it, and there are indeed some shitty bits to make the rest stink. The very fact it starts off with Bigfoot and stuff instantly brands you a 'conspiracy theorist' for sharing it, then the usual long-debunked stuff like Gates wanting to depopulate with vaccines. It would be very easy indeed to be totally turned off and reject the entire vid.

On the bright side the stuff about blood clots is so compelling that I'm actually OK with it being spread around. People need to see that.

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Well, Gates did did mention vaccines as one of the things with which we could reduce the projected population. If he wasn't talking about outright killing people, he must've meant sterilizing them, which is equally outrageous. I think I'll give it a watch as well.

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Well an update - the unusual blood clots is compelling stuff, but true to form they carefully mixed in some old footage of a normal blood clot being removed - DEBUNKED!

See how that works?

They showed how the jabs have ruined fertility across the world, but carefully mixed in the obviously false data from Australia (hadn't been updated, not the same as 'no births') - fertility issues DEBUNKED!

See how that works?

They carefully added footage of people fainting and dying long before the vaccines existed. People dropping dead - DEBUNKED!

See how that works?

Anyone who has looked into it or saw the original TED talk knows Gates was pushing the idea that healthy societies have fewer children, so vaccines could reduce the over-population problem - 'Gates wants to kill people with vaccines - DEBUNKED!

See how that works?

The military deleted and fucked with their own medical data to hide the side effects of the vaccines. They carefully included bits from the people who miscounted doctor visit numbers with patient numbers - "Lots of sick soldiers - DEBUNKED!

See how that works?

The entire video is a psych-op to DEBUNKED! the reality, to discredit those like Dr Cole and Steve Kirsch who let themselves get roped into it. The fact it starts off with faked moon-landing and Bigfoot stuff will instantly brand you as a fucking loony-toon when you send it to people, and even more so when they can casually point out the now-numerous counter-vids DEBUNKING!! the bullshit.

It was created to be debunked, to make you look stupid for believing in it and sharing it.

Do you see how that works yet?

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You have "debunked" without pointing to specific timecodes with refuting evidence or links.

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It was created to be debunked with articles like this:

Don't get me wrong, I agree the clots ARE unusual and there's a lot of truth in the video. That's the point, to discredit those things with the other bullshit.

If you want to find all the problems just type 'died suddenly debunked' into your nearest Google, to see how much damage this video has created:

This is deliberate.

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Your theory about this movie makes a ton of sense. The movie discredits all covid vax skeptics with its absurdities and lack of sound arguments. It's like the mini nukes and no-planes 9/11 theories that came out years later.

Both sides are not talking about the all cause mortality stats, how the vax didn't really work, how Pfizer and the government lied and did a rush job for EUA, myocarditis, etc. etc. etc. We're all talking about this 'documentary'.

But somehow they had the $ to license a Pink Floyd song.

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Using Google automatically debunks your argument.

Citing McGill, the home of MK Ultra, is not much better.

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Naomi Klein was right about The Shock Doctrine but has gone off the reservation since.

I haven't watched that water thing, but it might be possible they've improved since.

IMO the documentary is terrific.

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IMO, I still believe this documentary may be a terrific way to shock-penetrate the thick skulls of sheeple and/or solidify anyone on the fence. This documentary is 100% over the target, even if there are small editorially creative collateral problems.

IMO, Stew Peters is a sensationalist limited hangout. He's mostly correct about most things, but sprinkled with errors enough that "the other side" can easily debunk his flaws.

More examples of problems with this documentary...

"Died Suddenly" Documentary Being Called Out [For A Couple Of] Inexcusable [Editorial] Mistake[s] - Viva Frei (11:36) ~ Viva Frei

See also the discussion here: