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I clicked just one of the links you have in that list

Here's what it says

But there's no question many people were killed by the army that night around Tiananmen Square, and on the way to it — mostly in the western part of Beijing

My friend the source you cite as authoritative has no question about the fact of a massacre around the square...

In order to hold onto the $5,000 you will need to geofence a shape inside which you believe there were zero deaths. Then if anyone finds a death outside of your shape, you can point to the geofence as why you aren't paying the 5k. If I were you, I would basically start with a box around the tanks and army dudes in the square, that way no deaths are probable within your box

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you clearly didn't read the post or are purposely giving a strawman argument

Version 2 and 3 still says there were riots and deaths. Chang'An Avenue is on the outskirts of Tiananmen. MSM tends to portray the event as either Versions 1 or 2. I've clearly debunked Version 1.

Version 2 is the sentiment that the CCP sent in tanks to purposely massacre worker protesters (not students) on Chang'An Avenue. Except evidence shows that the workers were the ones who initiated violence and came prepared with Molotov cocktails (a CIA signature).

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Someone is the CCP's little whore.

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Facts don't care about your feelings. Like I said, $5000.

Interesting that you can't disprove it and need to rely on astroturf tactics like insults and character assassination.