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Remember how Edward Snowden knew this, but told us all the very tiny bit and made it sound not-that-bad. He also told us small parts, little by little, over a long period of time, dragging it out. He did it in such away that not a single thing was changed and now everyone just scoffs and ignores this problem every time we learn it is worse and worse.

He was/is a text-book limited hang out. It was likely his job to expose what he did, in the way he did.

Even this is a weak sauced leak....

You have to wonder what the real extent is. They are obviously tracking your every credit card purchase, money order, and bank transfer. They are likely tracking all the mail you send/receive, and possibly scanning it to read it without opening. That's why your mail is sent 2 hours away to a huge sorting center, to send mail across the street. All newer cars track your location and many have been for a decades; the government surely is buying this info, or they would have put a stop to it, when they caught OnStart and let them get away with it.

The real one to watch and worry about is AI. They are using weaponized AI in place of think tanks and test audiences, to rapidly form talking points and reasonings that will force the public on issues. Soon, AI will tell them what talking point is needed to convince 80% of the population to get in a cage willingly and attempt to convince friends to as well. To do this, AI needs to track the Internet and phones, to learn everything you've read, every show you've watched, how you travel, and to create a social and psychological profile on you. Not protecting your own personal privacy contributes to the oppression of everybody.

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93% of the public unencrypted internet is less than 0.2% of what's actually on the internet..