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Was watching a censored video on youtube ABOUT censorship (first 7 minutes are silent), located here.

Tried to comment. Can't comment. Even though there are comments there. Cannot view replies either.

Fuck youtube. Fuck google.

Edit: Video already removed (by user I think, maybe they will reupload)

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We were the last gen. The internet and truthseeking was in its prime from 2008-2015. Around 2015 is when censorship truly started and 9/11/2018 is when AI went balistic and started to ban and censor social media accounts, youtube channels and forums.

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Believe it or not, I think we're still in the prime. More people are waking up than ever. The content quality has gotten better than ever. The resources are better than ever. For all the censorship there are more people active and aware and moving of corporate media. Maybe I'm in a delusional bubble. Maybe the good times are over. Maybe the fight's not lost either.

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Well, I think more and more people are waking up but not enough. Presently, I am unable to post a video on Youtube concerning PSYOP shootings and media hoaxes without them getting deleted and my account banned there shortly after. Where, for 6 straight years I was able to post anything I wanted, (sort of like how ISIS still has twitter accounts but you expose that and get banned) talk live with likeminded people. 2018 was the year of A.I. censorship. And, although more people are waking up the tribe has infiltrated the alt-media like never before. Alex Jones, Russel Brand, Seaman, Webb, Adam Green are in my opinion gatekeepers. Almost, everyone is a shill on YouTube promoting flat earth and stupid crap, infighting is purposeful, GDL is co-opted and alt video platforms like 153news are even worse. Personally, whilst people are waking up, I believe there is a greater presence of cointelpro, shills and controlled oppositions, some more obvious than others. People have become so confused with all the disinfo that they just give up and pick a side.

I might come off biased because most of my content and thousands of my other friends exposing media trickery, hoaxes are now banned. They not only are gone, never to come back and I’ve emailed many but are afraid. The ADL, and DoD cointelpro scum create a mirror of your account and youtube then riggs their subs so they are found in search and not you, they then find your address and doxx you. This happened to I and dozens of others exposing hoaxes. You’re fine if you talk about doom and gloom, the economy, identity politics, but once you research media/DoD psyops Youtube, the ADL and alphebet agencies take keen interest in impersonating and doxxing you. That might wake anyone up, but not the majority sleeping. UK CriticalThinker, The Paulstal Service, Kearnsy74, stephen Davis75 are all gone. Not because they were sick of exposing media fakery but because they were threatened and doxxed.

The government is totally fine with you and I and millions of others knowing about their murderous ways. They could care less if they know you know that they orchestrated 9/11 and the perpetrators are walking free doing interviews on left and right-wing talk shows. They do not care if you know about the federal reserve or the Rothschilds or that they really could give two shits about you and your livelihood.

What I’ve come to realize is that they do care about how you precieve the news. They do care that you pick a side and stick with it. They do not want you knowing that most of the news and federally big stories, such as the caravan crisis, Thousand Oaks shooting, Supreme court nominee swearing in, or international news events such as the Brussels bombing are fake. Political THEATER and Drills passed off as real with moulage and crisis actors.

They CARE very much that you believe in these news stories, whether the offical narrative or the false flag narrative, but do not ever expose the fakery and theater of these events that is planned by the international crime syndicate. NEVER expose that they can create aliases out of victims by the thousands. They can stage fake bombings where 500 people are allegedly injured and all of them are mock victims that DO NOT EXIST. The world isn’t as crazy as the news makes it seem, most stories are manufactured. It is after all nothing more than hollywood trickery. I’d tell you to watch Changing:Reasons Brussels series exposing the psyop, and the fake victim names they manufactured but he’s gone as is his content.

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Watch, Uk critical thinker the cast of orlando, If you can find it. It is a five part series that I and others helped to research that proves that all those injured, all the heros of the fake shooting, all the witnesses were either criminals with high bonds and/or b-movie actors who starred in hollywood films. He had to pay a lot to research their names and figure out who all the witnesses were because the media deliberatly changes their names. To cover for them. If they fake entire shooting for policy decisions and as psyops to sway piblic opiniom, where 100’s of injured and killed are aliases or just made up mock victims, then they can fake most of the small stories too.

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The fight isn’t over but before 2030 they will collapse the economy and bring in a crypto based trackable currency. Imf has patents for this and is getting ready. They write about it constantly. Stay viligent and know how to live sustainably.

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Oh I forgot The tribe does have a sense of humor though. Orlando pulse Gay Night Club shooting. The hero was Angle COLON the doctor who worked on him was Mr. LUBE LOL. The doctor went on a political rant too, which no professional doctor would do. They all use the same script too. I found one doctor at orlando talk about the Ar-15 and shootings and another doctor at Orlando who treated a guy who was shot in the head with no wound and he had the same lines. WORD FROM WORD. When I exposed it, the hospital took the video down and msnbc video on youtube was clipped out.

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The first sentence doesn't make sense. Link?

Also, I don't yet get responses unless directly under me. Responding to yourself doesn't message me, unfortunately. I've requested fixes to this - ie. post wide notifications. Chime in if you care to and mention it to /u/d3rr/ .

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Didn't know that. Search UK Critical Thinker as a content creator. Here, 153news is a shilly, honeypot but he uploaded most of his content there because YouTube and every other site deleted them.

I should note, these are NOT short videos of some truth seeker yelling at a screen. You have to watch these videos in order in their entirity. They are very detailed and expose the anomalies and plot holes. Many of his deconstruction videos of these PSYOPS are 45 mins+. I'd start off with FOrt Lauderdale Airport Shooting and then maybe Orlando.

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No man. YOU provide the research when you offer recommendations. Make us want it.

It's this simple :

That's what this place and other online resources are for. If your information is valuable enough to mention then provide the crumbs for folks to start their search. Lazy folks won't bother searching and only uninterested folks won't click. Interested folks may search into uncertainty but you're leaving your limited info and expectations to only the really keen motivated to track your verbose leads and research it themselves despite a world of ample easier timesuck alternatives. I talk too much too, trying to be clear - which in turn off puts some readers. If we don't offer links then we're often just talking in the dark to no one.

I'll start downloading them soon for posterity sake. I doubt I'll watch much. I already know enough if not most things in MSM are false in some way. I don't need to examine every abandoned shoe in detail.

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Maybe you're correct. Especially if new good content is no longer allowed on. There's still lots of old good content and established folks overcoming hurdles and enduring.

What's your YouTube channel? I'm guessing you've got some alt-tube?

Maybe you can find someone who can post if for you. TLAV The Last American Vagabond has a discord chat ( ) and I just found out Ryan Dawson does too. They are surely on some lists but if your work is good and if they don't mind, maybe...

I agree about all the fakery. I don't know those folks you mentioned. I think they're very touchy about Vegas too. Ole Damelgard is still going strong last I checked. What can't you say that he can?

Not every false flag is a hoax, etc etc etc. That said, what would you say are the top 20 false flags before NDAA 2012-2013 and the top 20 false flags after it (for my lists).

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Most false flags since 2012 are hoaxes. It is much easier to fake them and control the narrative with zero lawsuits and repercussions because under the Smith Mundt Modernization Act they are now legal.

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I don’t have one anymore, I went by my name. Lol, which is why they were able to doxx me but others didn’t and they were doxxed too. Wish I wasn’t oblivious before 2012 and didn’t use my name everywhere.

Ryan Dawson was on know more news, and I think he’s co-opted because he attacks anyone who tells him that the planes could NOT have traveled at the speed they did at close to sea level and at that time I called experts and professionals who all told me the planes could never fly that fast at close to sea level 200mph over their vmo.

Remember, for this to happen, OPERATION NORTHWOODS has to come into play and if you’ve read it it talks about REMOTe guided jets and mock victims with mock funerals. In the 60’s they would blow up fake passenger jets swapping them in mid air and create aliases for victims and passenger list. That is what happened on 9/11, and Ryan attacks anyone who tries to mention it. So, indeed there was a hoax element in 9/11.

I am creating a 50 hour documentary on all the hoaxes, Yes, around 50 hours. Not sure where I’d upload it when done. But since 2012, Aurora w/ moulage hyperactive drill, Sandy Hook fema DHS capstone drill with help from Osidian now merged into another company, UCLA hoax, Navy Yard Hoax, White House Shooting hoax, San Bernadino Hoax, Nice attack, Berlin attack, Stockholm attack, Melbourne attack, Possibly Sydney siege, not sure though, have to research the names, orlando pulse night club shooting hoax, brussels airport and subway hoax, Winchester attack, Manchester bombing hoax, Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting hoax, Santa fe shooting, Parkland Shooting, Pittsburgh Shooting, Thousand Oaks Shooting, Indiana school ‘I was shot in the chest twice and I’m fine the next day’ shooting, Maryland News paper shooting, Maryland Warhouse shooting, Maryland school shooting, Bronx hospital shooting, they admited on phone that they were conducting a drill, FSU shooting and many more that I’ll have to look up in my harddrive tomorrow.

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But apparently they did fly as they did.

As a professional computer animator who was working in NYC 1996-2001, left to Toronto then San Francisco several months prior to 9/11, I can GUARANTEE you that the live and follow up footage of the planes COULD HAVE BEEN FAKED with a small capable team with adequate gear and proper connections to implement fake NTSC 720x486 30fps or 60ifps footage. That said, I FIRMLY DO NOT BELIEVE THE FOOTAGE WAS FAKED.

I believe the planes were modified drones capable of the stunts they pulled.

Just because Ryan Dawson or I don't have the same view as you with the limited data we have access to doesn't mean he's been co-opted.

9/11 doesn't have to follow Northwoods to every detail to be a valid op.

Make it a series. Organize it or you will fail to reach anyone. Also, IMHO unveil it in stages like introduction for newbies, moderate detail, and super advanced in depth OCD detail.

Also reference how Robbie Martin put together "A Very Heavy Agenda" from countless hours of footage.

Also, IMHO, make a cut off date for the events, or even organize them by dates. More events will doubtlessly unfurl and you don't want to be distracted. Maybe do it year by year in "Volume 1 : 2013-2018". Record 2019+ but don't work on it until the first is done.

There was one with a school bus turned on it's side that was clearly crushed and placed there. I think I only ever heard about it from the one very good docu on it. I wanna say it was somewhere in the South of the USA. I think Zoon Politikon linked to it sometime in the last year or two, perhaps even covered it too.

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I don’t trust Ole Damelgard, he gets a lot of attention and he has spread disinfo. I don’t trust anyone really except for change:reason, stephen davis, Uk critical thinker and a few others I don’t want to name. Most truthseekers are co-opted even the ones exposing hoaxes.

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The last real mainstream mass shooting was Columbine and a few smaller ones there after. Australia was able to ban guns swiftly after their Tasmania false flag. During the 90’s most countries who signed the treaty for UN disarmament were shooting their population for policy change. Port Arthur police training video was grusome and could only have been done by professional shooters. Most cops and federal agents stated that a person if 78 iq could not of double tapped dozens of people in the head firing at hip without any training. Luckily, now the majority of shootings and terrorist attacks are fake.

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What disinfo has he spread?

Links. I don't know those folks.

You sound more paranoid than the rest of us.

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Also, no question Ole has a peculiar ego. He's active probably selling books to get by, so perhaps it's necessary, especially in an age of suppression. Then he does his stupid "Love and light" prayer. But what irks me is how he allegedly quotes folks turning his name into a verb.

"That event happened so I'm going to Damelgard it to find all the tell tale false flag clues."

It may be true and it may be well earned but I think it's campy and stupid. That doesn't make him wrong.

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If you want to understand hoax shootings, first look at the frequency of mass shootings since 2012 when the Smith Mundt Moderization Act was passed. Then look at the frequency 30 years before it, mathematically and statistically the increase in frequency over a short period of time 2012-2016 is impossible. Completely impossible, our entire culture doesn’t change on a dime, and suddenly EVERYONE is shooting up schools and work places without a motive. Whilst, GUN VIOLENCE has decreased 51% since 1994 and gun homicides 47%. It’s obvious what is going on here and can be mathematically proven. The federal mass shootings since 2012 are a DIRECT causation from the passing of the Smith Mundt Modernization Act. Legalizaing Psyops domestically.

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After you come to that revelation, research the timelines and plots of each shooting and anyone with critical thonking skills will see that the holes and anomalies are perposterous. Then research the players, witnesses and fake injured, you’ll come to find they allvhave mugshotswith high bonds. The media and DoD make criminals into heros like Tyler Dodd.

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Top false flags before Ndaa 2012 would be 9/11, obviously. However, 9/11 had a hoax PSYOP element involved which was the passengers in the planes who all had mock funerals. EXACTLY, like what is written in Operation Northwoods. Read the declassified document if you have not. Port Arthur Tasmania shooting was another false flag, where they blamed a mentally handicapped kid, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods during the Cuban Crisis, Russias 9/11 or apartment complex bombings, and I’ll have to look up the others I have listed on my hard drive. Hitler had a few, stalin as well and there are plenty of others even during the crusade times against the cathers.

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Exactly - thaty's why I figured 2 lists would better illustrate it.

Also, where did all the serial killers go? That was the domestic terror op of the 70s - 90s.

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actually they came for alex jones first, rofl, banned him off a bunch of platforms

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Psyop. ALEX “muslims own the federal reserve” Jones is a gatekeeper plant. His censorship was suppose to happen and he allowed it as precedent to ban and censor real truth seekers.

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Well, yeah - but the cascade of censorship continues.

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Well before Alex Jones was censored was Richie - not from Boston - but The Richie Allen Show based in the UK.

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ah, didnt know that, lol

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Excellent show, like many. Worth digging up. Legit, not like Alex Jones.

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alex jones is legit too, its just the way he goes about things, rofl.

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Redice is a controlled opposition, in my opinion.

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I would have to agree, still, the censorship chooses no sides in the end.