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    Yes! /s/DecentralizeAllThings!


    Reject all the existing top-down rigged systems in their matrix that serves only the ruling class. ALL of our problems stem from them. Expecting them to be different next time is insane.

    Embrace ONLY bottom-up ethical FOTPACH management (fair, open, transparent, peaceful, accountable, consistent, honest) and always call it out if it's failing any of these ethical pillars. This management style may apply to any and all hierarchies, from website admins to politicians to resistance projects to community policing.

    Actual direct democracy (rather than "representative" democracy) at least gives EVERYONE A SAY. Granted you'll have to endure the tyranny of the masses who are asses, but better that than being a debt slave under the tyranny of the exploitative, murderous ruling class with their full spectrum dominance and monopoly on violence.

    Yes, sure, this is all new and confusing to many and will be sloppy and slow and tedious and never settled - but how is that any different than contemporary politics?

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    i inevetned the tolet.

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    Certain that's false.

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    check the patent office.