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HibikiBlack, these "government" words are tropes inducing memetic mental mimicry for those who do not create for themselves, mental skills to recognize how conquered they already. Therefore divided already working (within their own brain). 1984: Left right binary think leads to doublethink creating political stump speeches double speak flapping forked is all about dividing things.

"...people shouldn't be afraid to try more hybrid systems. People won't be able to properly oppose the Intelligence groups if they don't realize how phony the political spectrum really is."

Any new system hybrid-ness will be infiltrated by these larger than life global cabals oligarch's secret and not so secret societies. How does one recognize the infill-traitor with centuries of experience to hid among enemies, in order to kept them closer than friends (art of war).

The powers of duality's conquering divide are so tremendously ubiquitous to most people it is invisible, most people don't even notice a murder of crows. And to eat a cold dish of crow well and with relish admitting one's self to be not a human forte and another thing of ubiquity's ephemeral invisibility.

Keep up the good work...create a great day...

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I see the world as anarchy, no matter what the system is (unless someone or something figures out how to control everything). Where I live, I've somehow been taught to be individual, to be alone, have my own stuff, etc. I would have been much more powerful if I shared ressources with people to build my own smaller society system on top of the one I'm in. That is actually what elite do, they share their worth with specific people allowing unfair competition in all sort of ways.