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The Chinese language with its thousands of lithographic characters showed up in historical records about 3,500 years ago... fully developed. How does that happen?

It is my belief that language comes from above, since words are themselves spiritual. Thoughts are also spiritual. Both come from the spirit realm.

God is the Word. The Word created everything. Nothing was made without Him.

There used to be only one language, but God confounded their language at the tower of Babel, and then the people, no longer able to understand everyone, stopped building the tower and formed into groups of those that were given the same language, and departed, migrating across the world, taking their new languages with them.

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Delving deep within me mind fathoming the core of "self", at the core I find No Words. At the core are things senses provide and senses do not function by words.

Q:Do I "hold" any truth, by these words. Existence requisite no words, words are intended for communication, nothing more. Does conscious requisite words to exist...I think not.

Since, languages where created, human minds are marinating in word's souse' spices. I do not believe words fell from the sky gods ready made to marinate our minds. To be alive in this Quantum Perpetual Motion Machine is devine, not words.

If a 200,000 year old person has a brain of close densities and volumes to ours today is this person less intelligent than modern man? These ancient people helped create everything we call stupid can they be?