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I doubt what you are proposing, but in truth, it's kind of a moot point. As you note, both the virus and the shots had their genesis among the same group of people. Fauci, Inc (including elements of the medical establishments of multiple countries, China, US, Britain, Germany) created both the disease and the response. It doesn't matter which of the two mechanisms is leading to the cardio-vascular problems (among others). We are talking in either case about biological weapons, and the architects of these weapons are clear. When people wake up to either of the two issues - i.e. Fauci created the virus OR the shots are toxic - they tend to see the other soon. The problem is that people accept NEITHER of those possibilities. That, however, is changing. When enough people figure this out, the distinction you are making will be swept away in the wind of the anger that is going to blow the established order away like the dead leaves they actually are.