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Not quite, sir.

The problem is the spike protein. It's in the virus, and it's in the vaccine. The difference is between inhaling the live virus or having the artificial one injected into you - the latter is worse.. What's the same data on 911 calls for 2021 look like? The difference between 2019 and 2020 is due to the virus, and the very worse data from 2021 is due to the vaccine.

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The April 2020 data already showed a 400% increase in cardio related 911 calls. Compare how many people had covid then with how many people had covid since then and you will see the real reason for the very worse data in 2021 is because a very worse number of people had been infected with the virus by 2021 and a lot of them, more than once.

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That cannot explain all of the sudden death. There is no chance that the virus, at the end of the day, is more dangerous than the vaccine. Once the jabs came out, people started ending up in head-on collisions in the middle of the day, drivers having strokes and blackouts. The truth is almost the inverse of what you've proposed. The virus is manmade, and done only to scare people into the loving arms of the vaccine, which is engineered to maim and kill by opportunistic action. When people drop dead of one cause, then the public will become very suspicious. But when people are dying en masse for a dozen different reasons, it creates more plausible deniability. The thing is, all dozen reasons are vax related.

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There is no chance that the virus, at the end of the day, is more dangerous than the vaccine

That is utter nonsense. Firstly, even if the spike protein was toxic, the virus has them all over it so how could the virus possibly be less toxic?

Secondly where is the evidence? What is the mechanism by which the spike protein is toxic? It should be easy to prove in vitro that the spike protein can damage cells so where is it?

This entire vaccine damage story is smoke and mirrors to create an assumption that the virus must not be to blame therefore the bioweapons research does not need to be investigated or questioned.

The sad thing is how stupid the population is that they can be so easily deceived.

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You've gone through the looking glass. You give the autistic billionaires behind this far too much credit. They're not sophisticated enough to pull of Plan A, let alone 5D chess.
The spike protein is the toxin. If you inhale it, your body has pre-existing experience with airborne coronavirus of several kinds. Only the most vulnerable had significant illness - the rest had a cold.
If you inject a self-replicating version of the same spike into the bloodstream, then the body is seeing something even more novel than the novel virus. It doesn't stay at the injection site, it goes to every organ, including the brain. .Heart disease, stroke, sudden death, prion disease - and those are just the short-term injuries. For all we know, nobody can survive 5 years with these jabs. This was never about the virus, always the vaccine. They are both bioweapons. I have no idea what kind of conspiracy theorist you are, siding with the norms by way of going all the way around in a circle.

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Autistic billionairs are not the people who come up with any of it. The government has think tanks and scientific advisors that come up with all of this devious shit and if I can figure out what they did, they damn sure could plan it. You'll see. One day someone on the inside will blow the whistle on all of it. The accidental exposure at Ft Detrick's bio research labs in June 2019. The CDC cease and desist order in July. The respiratory disease outbreak at Greenspring assisted living center. The fake vaping illness, the bio-attack on Wuhan, the liability exempt vaccines that they are slowly shifting the blaming the blame onto... You'll see. 20 years from now.

Or... You could ask yourself one question. How could it be possible that 2 brand new severe respiratory diseases with identical symptoms popped up in the U.S. just a few months apart?

That is the question that brings their whole pack of lies tumbling down because of course it is not possible that there were 2 identical new severe respiratory diseases in 2019. It was all the same disease because there never was any such thing as vaping disease .

It was covid the whole time.

Once you realize that the rest is obvious. They called it vaping disease in August 2019 to cover it up. They also lied when they said it started in China several months later because they knew they had already been covering it up since long before that Wuhan outbreak even began.

They have been covering it up this entire time. Releasing liability exempt vaccines was all part of the cover up plan. That is why no one outside their circles could understand why were they so rabid about forcing the vaccines on everyone even when it had become clear they were not working.

Once you realize the plan was to blame shift the long term cardio damage onto those vaccines it becomes obvious why they forced them on everyone. It is so even if the truth gets out about the virus origins, they still will not be held responsible for the cardio damage it is slowly doing to everyone because the liabilty exempt vaccines will take the blame.

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This is bullshit

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They are literally trying to blame climate change for the heart attacks. All the evidence points to the vax being the cause. There is a huge increase of heart problems in the vaccinated population vs the unvaccinated. That is why they are so desperate to inject everyone, they don't want a control group.

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You need to get some better sources. As expected, the opposite of what you say is true.

Myocarditis NOT related to covid as per this study:

The Incidence of Myocarditis and Pericarditis in Post COVID-19 Unvaccinated Patients-A Large Population-Based Study

Vaccines ARE related to to cardiovascular events:

Increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third COVID-19 wave

Video that talks about both of these studies and makes a good explanation about it:

Long Covid Doesn't Cause Heart Issues:'t-cause-heart-issues:0

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Oh yeah right. Now they forced most of the world to accept that vaccine they change the story.

All through 2020 the virus was causing heart attacks and myocarditis. Now they just conveniently switch the causation to the vaccines rignt in the face of the dumb masses who are too stupid too see what they are doing.

March 2020: SARS-CoV-2: a potential novel etiology of fulminant myocarditis

May 2020: Recognizing COVID-19–related myocarditis: The possible pathophysiology and proposed guideline for diagnosis and management

July 2020: COVID-19 and Myocarditis: What Do We Know So Far?30064-0/fulltext)

July 2020: SARS-CoV-2 post-infective myocarditis: the tip of COVID-19 immune complications?

Sept 2020: recognizing COVID-19-related myocarditis: The possible pathophysiology and proposed guideline for diagnosis and management

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I doubt what you are proposing, but in truth, it's kind of a moot point. As you note, both the virus and the shots had their genesis among the same group of people. Fauci, Inc (including elements of the medical establishments of multiple countries, China, US, Britain, Germany) created both the disease and the response. It doesn't matter which of the two mechanisms is leading to the cardio-vascular problems (among others). We are talking in either case about biological weapons, and the architects of these weapons are clear. When people wake up to either of the two issues - i.e. Fauci created the virus OR the shots are toxic - they tend to see the other soon. The problem is that people accept NEITHER of those possibilities. That, however, is changing. When enough people figure this out, the distinction you are making will be swept away in the wind of the anger that is going to blow the established order away like the dead leaves they actually are.