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I wrote about the problem of model lock-in

I have also written a long wiki article about plasma cosmology
which covers many of the likely errors in Astronomy and Physics.

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I believe we are living in a H²O-molecule that is part of a snowflake that swims in a very big sea of water that is part of a snow-globe that somebody has in his cupboard.

On the other hand: The fact that alpha ( ) is almost 1/137 can't be that big of a coincidence. Makes me wonder again and again.

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In 1958, Pauli was awarded the Max Planck medal. The same year, he fell ill with pancreatic cancer. When his last assistant, Charles Enz, visited him at the Rotkreuz hospital in Zurich, Pauli asked him, "Did you see the room number?" It was 137. Throughout his life, Pauli had been preoccupied with the question of why the fine-structure constant, a dimensionless fundamental constant, has a value nearly equal to 1/137.

More fun:

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I never heard of that first one, and I don't agree with any of that shit either, including that there was a big bang.

This is what happens when you let retards into the field of science. A "best fit" narrative is so lazy it's not even funny.