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Unzicker has a list of over-hyped physicists:

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Einstein was a fraud according to many.

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Einstein made everything very theoretical, and used weak evidence to support his theories.
But because he was against the war in Germany and a target himself, he was overhyped with a lot of propaganda.
Criticism of his ideas were forbidden, even today.

Today you are told that you do not understand it, and that is why Einstein is right.
They use logical fallacies to support his theories.

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His wife got the prize.

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Subscribed to him I love learning more.

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Alan Turing. The only thing he's famous for is other people's work.

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Yeah, Fauci and Gates are dicks, far from genius they're both known to deal in very suspect activity but are regarded as saints in the press. In a few years, everyone will forget his lies, and if you speak bad of Fauci, you'll be called a crackpot conspiracy theorist.

Highly likely that there are a great many frauds and con-artists made into heroes of the ages. Great claims are made, stories are told, then exaggerated, and repeated until the original story is completely bunk.

Man meets his friends at a bar, they're all poor and could only get water, the guy buys his friends a proper drink from all the doubloons he's been conning on the street. The man turned their water into wine! Booyah. Bullshit stories turn into legend.

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History is a lie commonly agreed upon.

Oscar Wilde

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I read Nelson Mandela (and Ghandi too, I think).