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No point in religion unless it’s true. Religion is not just stories, philosophy, or a culture. Religion makes truth claims about the way reality is structured, and may or may not claim there is a higher dimension outside of our physical dimensions, and that there are conscious beings in these dimensions.

If you want to teach philosophy, teach philosophy. If you want to teach mythology, teach mythology. Religions is neither of these things, but people keep confusing them because they don’t have the courage to say that not every religion makes claims consistent with reality. They’ll either reject all religions or respect all religions, but very few will say that not all religions can be equally correct.

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Belief is fine; Religion is poison.

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Organised religion still has its grasp on societies inways that have incredibly negative effects towards innocent people. The Catholic church repeatedly acts as pedo apologists and this has never changed. Islam oppresses women, treating then like property and has atheists beaten to death for extremism in so called 'advanced' countries such as UAE. Even Hindu regions of India would murder a girl who has been raped instead of punishing the rapists. Religion is evil, and it excuses people of doing evil things.

Belief is of course acceptable so long as it does not affect others or lead to evil acts against others. Philosophy does not rely on religion and can benefit both the religious and the non-religious alike, what we lack is any real respect in society for philosophy. We are forced to respect religion, a respect that has not been earned. Better teaching of philosophy and science would better our conversations into great questions in life.