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The German Nazi fuckups also believed in occult bullshit like this. And they failed. It is nice to see how dumbasses try the same shit again and again.

And fail again and again. And so on. Let these pathetic idiots try again.

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While the would be NWO are obviously evil scum, I have a hard time believing that all these people actually believe in and worship satan, and are motivated by fulfilling occult biblical prophecy rather than merely their own desire for power. Even the church of satan people do not actually believe in satan

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Stochastic... And Occam's Razor. They are just power-hungry and greedy twats. Like most of the twats out there are. That is why they beg for being fucked over then and again.

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Their strategy for gaining power is pretty strange. They already have cell phones, so what do they need a chip for? Why should it matter that people freely choose their fate? Just kill all “domestic terrorists” and hold a gun to peoples head to make them do what you say.

Unless gaining power is not their goal, since they already have it.

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You cant believe anything they say about the nazis. The entire post war agenda was to demonize them.

It all began with the Rothschilds in WW1 when they did a deal with the British government that the British foreign office would agree to support the creation of a zionist state in Palestine and publish the Balfour declaration so when WW1 was over the league of nations assigned the British government to administer Palestine. Then during Hitlers rise to power the Rothschilds did a deal with him called the Haavara agrerment that Hitler would transfer the Jews to Palestine. This he did, and that was what the concentration camps were built for. They were called Havaara camps. (Haavara is Hebrew for transfer). So that was all fine until the Jews decided they were going to take Palestine all for themselves and run the Arabs off. The jews formed paramilitary terrorist groups like The Irgun and initiated a campaign of bombings and mass shootings. The British were still in charge and found themselves stuck in the middle between these Jew terrorists and outraged Arabs. The British response in 1939 was to heavily restrict any further immigration so Hitler was left with all the Haavara camps full of jews and nowhere to send them. THAT is the real reason why 3 months later Britain and Germany were at war and is the real reason WW2 began but they continue to hide all of that to this very day.

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I wouldn't disagree per se , because it seems quite fitting as far as i can judge this after a glance.

But i'd really like some sources. So where did you read this ?