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Instead of going on and on about it, I'll just link to my previous mockery comment on topic

These levels are not concerning, with the possible exception of the milk, and God knows what kind of diet the cow had for that sample or how clean were the milking farmer's hands.

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I believe more and more their strategy works like a two-component glue:

Glyphosate as the main venom the ticks "invented" to cull the human population they consider "unneeded" eaters. The distribution of this venom they already control completely through industrialized agro-tech oligopies. And the vaccine induces a vulnerability through "sophisticated" cell-engineering for humans that possibly have a genetic immunity. Or those who are able to actually think for themselves. Which they hammered into sheeples heads with all this lockdown-nonsense their bobbleheads spread round the clock.

So logically it is only the next step to put these two together into a children's vaccine, trivially from their insane and inhuman pov.