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Im sure this just another very strange coincidence

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That should cover the degenerates and then some of their handlers. I look forward to it.

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Very interesting how that simulation warned of "dual purpose" medical research (ie weapons development and protection), and the huge risks of this research.

These types of simulations are pretty common. I wouldn't say that makes them any less suspicious though. I remember the one just before Covid, the Crimson Contagion. It just so happened to simulate a respiratory virus originating from China and the simulation ended on August 2019. The final report was presented to Congress in December 2019.

The Wikipedia entry has been gutted by 80%. The Wikipedia history has been forged, to have only started in late March 2020‎.. The Wayback Machine history of the wiki page has been cut off at April 20, 2020. I had linked the wiki page on Reddit in late Feb 2020. Most of my Reddit history has been removed. All mention of Crimson Contagion before March 2020 is removed from Reddit. I'm no longer able to find any web sites or news articles mentioning it before March 2020 either.

It was heavily covered, well before March 2020, as everyone complained that Trump "fired the pandemic response team," when his administration established the Global Health Security Strategy, which disbanded the handful of old guys with other jobs, and replaced it with a comprehensive all-of-government pandemic plan. The Crimson Contagion simulation was to test this response. The results did very poorly and you better bet your ass that Congress instantly whined like babies about it in December, rather than waiting until March 2020, a month and a half into the Covid pandemic. The US feds delivered its first batch of Covid tests on February 4th, 2020 to a few states, they were mostly botched and took another two weeks to get the issues worked out. The pandemic did not at all start in March, even for the US.

The Crimson Contagion simulated a SARS respiratory virus originating in China and spreading. You will only find information about it simulating influenza now. You will also find a couple flawed mentions that the scenario involved a virus jumping from animals to people. Oddly, you won't find mention of it before March 2020, aside from purported drafts of the report.

The Internet history has been rewritten and flooded with false history.

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They are going to depopulate us all and nobody says boo.