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Google is in the same boat. Between Google and Amazon, the US intelligence has a side channel attack that can see nearly everything people do on the internet.

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Add Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Reddit, Tik Tok to the list. Even smaller platforms have government actors in them.

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I was thinking along the lines of how Google's Recaptcha / Analytics and Amazon Cloudflair DDoS protection, get pinged when you visit almost every website, telling it your IP, the website/specific-URL you visited, when you visited it and how often. Social media buttons and trackers will accomplish the same, though. Also Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and more have widely used JavaScript libraries and fonts that many web sites use, but frequently include hosted from their big+fast servers, not the website itself (FontAwesome, Ajax, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc). Collecting access to these kinds of resources are specifically a side channel attack, when it comes to tracking users. The amount of people using Google's DNS or Amazon's DNS or now Mozilla's DNS over HTTPS are also extremely high, thanks to lazy defaults.

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Don't forget Starlink.