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Owen Jones

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Last year, days after the Assad regime's heinous gas attacks had killed hundreds,

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It doesn't sound like he was any more left wing than Saddam (who directly modeled himself after Stalin, mustache and all). Qasim briefly allied with the Iraqi Communist Party on the basis of a shared opposition to unifying with Nasser's Egypt. He was already purging them by 1960.

On 14 July 1958, Qasim used troop movements planned by the government as an opportunity to seize military control of Baghdad and overthrow the monarchy. The king, several members of the royal family, and their close associates, including Prime Minister Nuri as-Said, were executed.

Live by the sword...


Army officers with ties to the Ba'ath Party overthrew Qasim in the Ramadan Revolution coup of February 1963. Ba'athist leaders were appointed to the cabinet and Abdul Salam Arif became president. Arif dismissed and arrested the Ba'athist leaders later that year in the November 1963 Iraqi coup d'état. Being exiled in Egypt at the time, Saddam played no role in the 1963 coup or the brutal anti-communist purge that followed; although he returned to Iraq after the coup, Saddam remained "on the fringes of the newly installed Ba'thi administration and [had] to content himself with the minor position of a member of the Party's central bureau for peasants," in the words of Efraim Karsh and Inari Rautsi.[36]


Qasim was overthrown by the Ba'athist coup of 8 February 1963 known as the Ramadan Revolution. While there have been persistent rumours that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) orchestrated the coup, declassified documents and the testimony of former CIA officers indicate there was no direct American involvement, although the CIA was actively seeking to find a suitable replacement for Qasim within the Iraqi military and had been informed of an earlier Ba'athist coup plot by a high-ranking informant within the Party. Despite evidence that the CIA had been closely tracking the Ba'ath Party's coup planning since "at least 1961", the CIA official working with Archie Roosevelt Jr. on a separate plan to instigate a military coup against Qasim, and who later became the head of the CIA's operations in Iraq and Syria, has "denied any involvement in the Ba'ath Party's actions", stating instead that the CIA's efforts against Qasim were still in the planning stages at the time.[43]


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WTF I love Saddam and Ba'athism

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This got too deep for me to keep up with. But what your saying is the CIA is not directly responsible for Saddams installment? And that the party prior was no shining beacon of liberty?

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the CIA is not directly responsible for Saddams installment?


And that the party prior was no shining beacon of liberty?

I'm saying it was.

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