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I like how the article says PFAs both accumulate and are naturally eliminated by the body. really helps clear things up. Bonus points for saying PFAs are super scary and then saying there's no evidence of harm from them in the blood. Rubbish work from Adrienne Matei.

But thanks for posting, it actually is an interesting way to more-quickly get rid of the trash in one's bloodstream!

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Accumulation and natural elimination can occur at different rates. Accumulating toxic substances at a faster rate than elimination is a problem. I mean..don't u learn bioaccumulation in grade school?

Epidemiological studies have linked PFA's to several health problems. It's just that we can't exact conduct prospective studies on it by injecting PFA's into the bloodstream for an RCT study. PFA's are prevalent in all humans, so a long-term study with a proper control is likely difficult.

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Australia among others have just changed laws to allow more people to donate blood, what's up with that?

What the hell is a forever chemical in blood and how does donating it get it out of your system without being injected into someone else.

Maybe it's time unvaccinated people start storing their own blood??

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An impending war?

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If Putin keeps winning I highly expect a war. You don't give Ukraine 30bn+ to lose.

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It sounds like you can get the same benefits from leaches. When medicine comes full circle....