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And the flu shot makes you sicker.

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Yeah, a lot of nasty side effects have been well documented. Considering the long history that Big Pharma has for fraud, I don't see why the people that question things are demonized so badly.

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The studies listed have various conclusions, they don't exactly advocate for the use of natural immunity. A lot of them just track immune markers after infection. I mean...the existence of antibody titers pretty much applies for a ton of infectious diseases.

Note that some of the articles are pre-prints, some are opinion pieces and some are from sketchy research groups.

Brownstone is essentially a right-wing think tank. The author in question who works for Brownstone, as well as Brownstone Institute itself, believes in letting the virus spread to achieve herd immunity.

Interesting how the right and left play off of each other. More infections helps increase the panic and gives the mainstream more reasons/excuses to use Big Pharma solutions. One party tries to get the virus to spread, the other tries to justify policies and vaccines to prevent the spread.

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Brownstone? Might want to research who Brownstone really is and what they do and/or support. Of course they can find these results. Both sides release info and one has to determine which side is more believable. Brownstone though has proven it is most certainly biased toward one side only.

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Otherwise known by the non-scientific community as 'fucking obvious' immunity.