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The plan was in place long before Hitler came to power and it was initiated during WW1 when the Zionists in Europe led by the Rothschilds did a hidden deal with the British Government. This led to the British Government issuing the Balfour Declaration declaring their support for a home for the Jews in Palestine so when WW1 was over and the Ottoman Empire was defeated all kinds of territories were without government so surprise surprise, the British were mandated by the league of nations to administer Palestine.

I think with hindsight it is obvious the Rothschilds were pulling the strings and as they expected the British to support their plan to move the Jews to Palestine so they wanted the British to be in authority there. The next step was to get Hitler in Power in Germany as he also supported the zionist plan. Once Hitler took office and the Haavara agreement was signed Hitler started moving the jews to Haavara camps in Germany from where they would be transfered to Palestine.

It all went wrong when the Jews in typical fashion formed paramilitary terrorist groups in Palestine and fucked the entire thing up. They were so obsessed with creating an exclusively jewish state they were trying to run the Palestinians off by staging terrorist bombings and mass shootings at Palestinian markets and other locations where the Palestinian people congregated but all they succeeding in doing was putting the British in a bad position in the middle. They had these jew terrorists on one side and outraged Arabs on the other. The British got tired of it and washed their hands of the whole thing by publishing the white paper of 1939 which heavily restricted any further jewish immigration to Palestine. That left Hitler stuck with transfer camps full of jews and nowhere to send them. It does not take much of a stretch to see the reason why that led to the outbreak of WW2 a few months later.

With hindsight you can see how obvious all this is. Hitler went to war on behalf of the Zionists because Britain would not let Hitler complete the Haavara program that he and the Rothschilds had invested heavily in. I fail to understand why no one else has put all this together. I did not find it difficult to find the informations and join the dots. So first, before Hitler could challenge Britain's dominance in the region of the middle east and N.Africa, first he had to deal with Britain's allies, Poland and France that surrounded Germany. His first move was to take out Poland on his Eastern Border. Then France on the West. Once that was accomplished, Hitlers Italian ally, Mousolini declared war on Britain and Italian troops in N.Africa started the operation to take control of the region to the west of Palestine (Egypt and Libya) from Britain and failed. Hitler reinforced the Italians with Panzer divisions and that operation became what is always referred to as the North Africa campaign but ask historians why exactly did Italy and Germany go to war with the British in North Africa in 1940 and all you get is hazy explanations because the real reason that was all about the Rothschilds zionist plans for Palestine was covered up.