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Pretty weird. It seems this is the most major factory making this largely used baby formula in the nation. Don't let them fool you into thinking this is just for babies with weird problems; a large portion of the population can't stomach the highly processed soy-based non-alternatives. The FDA testing seems to have found the factory to be a dangerous filthy toilet seat.

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I feel like the explanation for the closure was pretty evident there.

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Yes. But. The reason for the closure is not the same as an ongoing refusal to reopen

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I don't know they're refusing. The only other similar situation I can recall was Bluebell's listeria outbreak. They were shut for months and it took years to gear up to full production.

I say fuck all these companies, have the FDA list a recipe on their site easy enough for Americans to follow. Nobody will ever need to buy a $40 jar of powdered milk again.