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Shame on Andy Ngo for letting this happen. And on their website they have signs to "support independent free thinkers!" and "Ethical Journalism Policy".

She looks very bitchy and unpleasant, as if her photo reflects her attitude.

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I've had my doubts about Andy for a long time, never really been a fan. He tries to provoke homeless mentally ill "Antifa" drug addicts in Portland and then gets his camera out every time he gets scratched.

He also puts on a fake British accent during interviews sometimes, which the libs mock him for relentlessly.

I haven't seen him blatantly steal content on Twitter as much as other guys do, but then again maybe his team has always done this?

BTW the "CEO" of The Post Millennial looks like he's 20 years old... trust fund kid or what? What a joke publication.

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Also posted here (but it will probably be deleted by them Reddit pussies):

Edit: here too... the anti-Fox sub invited me to share it.

Edit #2: Gregg Re already sent legal threats to Reddit and these links are now dead

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And you chose to publish it here? If so, this is very appreciated and we can help you put pressure on TPM to issue a revision.

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I have followed SaidIt for a while and post sometimes under anon accounts when needed, but it's one of the only web forums in the world now where you can quickly register and post an urgent story without jumping through karma reqs, age reqs, overzealous mods, IP range blocks, captcha hell, etc... great stuff :)

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Yeah the Reddit in-group signaling and other barriers to entry are too high, but that’s not to say the same thing doesn’t happen on saidit and/or here.

By the way, I was scammed out of half a million dollars by a formerly prominent Reddit user - u/go1dfish - not a year and a half ago. They’ve virtually disappeared off the face of the internet so I haven’t been able to resolve the issue and am living in squalor as a result. If you ever hear anything, or know of anyone who might be able to help, please do contact me further:

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You're right it can eventually happen to any forum or community, that's kind of the catch I suppose.

I will definitely look into your scammer and let you know ;)

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That's total bullshit, is there some way I can bring this up at the next shareholder meeting?

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Please do so if you're willing, I would really appreciate it. I'm pretty tech-savvy but what about other citizens who don't know how to expose this, etc.

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You can't really steal a news story, once it's in the public domain any one can repeat it. People only give credit if they are feeling generous.

Even I've had a couple of things I've found and posted up taken without credit so for people more active on SM this must be a weekly occurrence.

Likely TPM would have to spend some time researching your claim to be the original source to make sure it is true which means they aren't going to do it.

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Yah that's just not true at all, I have no idea where you are going with that.

You can steal a story both literally (copyright infringement) or figuratively (not sourcing your article), which is different from "scooping" someone i.e. you are both chasing the same leads and one of you publishes the story before the other.

All of this is rigorously taught at every J school in the country... and Fox News is literally the #1 media outlet, so they are very well aware of the ethics of journalism. The problem is many journos care more about grifting and career advancement, so we get end up getting things like Libby sucking up to Gregg (a Tucker Carlson producer) by giving him credit for my research (a no-name blogger).

An anon sharing a story on social media is much different, I'm talking about the news industry.

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It turns out I'm not the first victim of Gregg Re... I have no idea how many people he has stolen content from without credit:

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