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Again? Or still?

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surprised Pikachu face

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The alleged mastermind, Andrei Kovalchuk, was convicted on Jan 20, 2022 and sentenced to 18 years, as well as 3 others involved who got 13, 16, and 17 years.{1}

The Daily Beast claims that a massive amount of the evidence from this case was leaked and after reviewing it, they conclude a large coverup for high ranking Russian diplomats. They claim the investigation had gaping missed followups, looking the other way at involved diplomats. They also mention that the accused smuggling suggested it was a setup by government intelligence. Yet, interestingly, the Beast frames it mentioning this only towards Russia and Germany intelligence agencies, but not US CIA, while quoting opinions from US authorities reinforcing the coverup for Russian diplomats conspiracy.

They also quote Kovalchuk claiming to have taken a part in operations involved with Russia annexing Crimea in 2014, some thing that made the US and Western allies super salty. So very salty, that they put aside their humanitarian principles and heavily supported the morally depraved act of damming the canal in retaliation, which fed life bringing water to the desert laden peninsula.

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Mena, Arkansas.

While the events described using that location are 30 years old, they are now well documented, and there is nothing that suggests to me the MO of this crew has changed in the least. It's absolutely bi-partisan, I'm sure Trump neither changed nor will change anything which greases these wheels, and it provides an excellent primer into how those in power in our society function and see the world around us.