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All this twitter drama... All I care about is what decentralised, federated open source alternative they're moving to. It's not a matter of visibility any more, anyone interested in what WikiLeaks has to say has the tools available to find their new outlet.

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This seems like bad foreshadowing. Either something bad will happen to the limited hangout Assange, or Wikileaks received a profound leak, or the global terror war is about to escalate.

Sure people know they can find stuff out but do they? The Overton window is defined by the "popular" media and that popular media is building the Overton Wall.

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Either something is about to happen or they're shutting down the last facade. WikiLeaks haven't been the same since all that odd shit happend last year. Not since Vault 7 come to think of it.

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True dat.

If I recall correctly, The Panama Papers released waaaay more than all WikiLeaks dumps combined - by a long shot. Unless I'm thinking of Vault 7.

Let's launch Assange into space where no one can touch him.