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  1. The Haavara Agreement, the plan from the National Socialists and Zionist Jews to send the Jews to Palestine. There were several other attempts by the National Socialists to deport the Jews from Germany over time, but nobody wanted the Jews in their countries.

  2. The Germans used the terms "Extermination", "Final Solution/Endlösung" very often when it came to dealing with the Jews, but they always talked about deportation plans.

  3. According to the World Almanac The Jewish population before, during and after the war barely changed and even increased at first.

  4. Despite cracking The Enigma Code, the British forces found no record of killings by gassing, the supposed main method used for the genocide.

  5. Fred A. Leuchter, expert in execution hardware said in his report that the alleged killing rooms could not have been used as homicidal gas chambers.

  6. Elie Wiesel, probably the most famous “Holocaust Survivor” makes no mention of gas chambers in his book “Night.”

  7. The International Red Cross report of 1948 found no indication of an extermination plan, despite the claim that it supposedly said the Germans cunningly hided that some facilities were gas chambers.

  8. The testimonies from "Holocaust survivors" that tell the truth about the conditions of the camps. The Jews had access to swimming pools for exercise, theathers, whore houses and participated in soccer games.

  9. The true maximum cremation capacity at Auschwitz-Birkenau is far lower than what we are always told.

  10. Himmler's order on Dec. 28, 1942 to reduce the death rate in the camps as a priority.

  11. The SS report of 1943 about the decline of the mortality rate to the Reichsführer.

  12. The British foreign secretary statement about not being willing to take the Jews in their country in 1943.

  13. Himmler's deportation proposal of 1944 in exchange for goods.

  14. Elie Wiesel claimed in his book “Night” that he chose to purposely stay with the Germans when the Soviets came and that he was having a sore leg treated in the hospital at the camp, which wouldn’t make any sense considering it was at the very end of the war when the mass killings supposedly reached their peak.

  15. George S. Patton claimed that the Germans were the only decent people left in Europe and all the Allies really managed to do was give room for the Soviets to take over everything, saying that the US had fought the wrong enemy.

  16. The Allied autopsies confirm that disease was the main cause of death.

  17. The Holocaust and the 6 million figure showing up in different places before WWII. Six million Jews supposedly died in WWI as well, but probably because of the absurdity of the claims, the stories were eventually dropped but the figure of the 6 million Jews being in terrible danger can be seen in different places before ending up in Germany again. It can also be related to a passage from the Tohra, which can be interpreted as “six” of them having to go missing in order for them to be purged from their sins, so they can go back to Israel.

David Cole on Holocaust Revisionism (2018)

My own belief is that the true kill count can be anywhere from 0 to 10,000.