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I'm pretty sure that the ridiculous condition of the camps with whore houses and theaters was sustained until 1944, probably all the way until the Allied forces bombed the supply lines, making the Allies themselves responsible for a large amount of the kills.

The original Final Solution plan was sending the Jews to Palestine through the Haavara agreement. During the war, they initially had the idea for the Madagascar Plan, but then when that was deemed unrealistic, they tried to send Croatian and Slovakian Jews back home, but their host countries wouldn’t take them. Britain was even scared to take in Bulgarian Jews as late as 1943 according to the British foreign secretary:

"... that the whole problem of the Jews in Europe is very difficult and that we should move cautiously about offering to take all Jews out of a country like Bulgaria. If we do that, then the Jews of the world will be wanting us to make similar offers in Poland and Germany. Hitler might well take us up on any such offer and there simply are not enough ships and means of transportation in the world to handle them.”

Their reasoning was that if they allowed certain groups of Jews in, all the other Jews would probably ask for the same treatment and Hitler and the National Socialist regime would actually allow them to. This goes completely against the idea that the Germans were systematically trying to kill them all this late during the war.

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it was probably like the concentration camps USA had for the japanese. Yeah they rounded them up but then let them all out after the war.

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IMO the true kill count is somewhere between 0 - 10,000. I'm open minded towards being proven wrong, but It's my estimate.

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I think it's like a few hundred thousand but mainly due to starvation and disease, no I won't deny the nazis shot some out of anger and frustration

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I'm talking specifically about the direct kills by the Germans only. To me the other deaths were caused by the Allies, since the Germans wanted any other country to take the Jews in.

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yeah to me it's like saying the statement "people die in wars" is crazy or shocking or something. Russia lost the most people to the war.

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Right, I am saying that they are gonna put the unvaccinated in camps and take our rights away, not try to murder us all.

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can we have whores and swimming pools too like in the holocaust

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The covid restrictions are gay but at least the virus is more real than the holocaust was