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Ain't no mystery, the clot shots don't work against Omicron, and maybe never worked at all.

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The mystery is why so many places are continuing draconian vaccination policies to push shots that clearly are not working anymore, if they ever did. It doesn't make sense

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It makes perfect sense when you realize that the clot shot is intended to cause a mass extermination over several years, which can then be blamed on a new, more deadly covid varient that does not actually exist.

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Certainty in the UK Boris Johnson has been told people are only supporting him because they believe he will end lockdowns and mandates. If he hadn't had fucked up so badly then there was an actual timetable to put us back into lockdown in January.

What we are seeing now is individual politicians acting to save their own necks and going against their instructions from in high.

You can see this clearly in the UK because the leader of the Welsh parliament isn't under that political pressure and so is still following the orders he is getting along with their preset timetable and it sticks out like a sore thumb of nonsense.

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Why are countries suddenly ending the lockdowns and vaccine mandates? They have been pushing these policies for 2 years, so what gives? Is their narrative falling apart, or are they planning something?

My theory is that they will end the lockdowns for a month or two, before releasing a new virus. Gates talked about Mersa, Marburg, and Smallpox. These are far deadlier than the Coronavirus. Any one of those viruses could be released to the public, thus justifying new lockdowns.

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they are backing down until they make up a new variant