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August 17, 2021 [...]

South Africa expects a fourth wave of coronavirus infections to start on Dec. 2 and to last about 75 days [...]

The government is assuming that [...] there will be a new variant by then [...]

Data is suggesting the current wave will end about Aug. 26 [...]

Very precise "prognosis".

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Nice catch. I wanted to write an article about this today but told myself that I wouldn't. What do we know so far?

A friend of mine got really sick almost exactly two years ago. The government eventually fessed up that it had been in the country since December 2019. We know it's a bioweapon because AIDS/Corona hybrids don't occur in nature. I'm not saying China did it, but if they didn't unleash it they certainly failed to close their borders or notify anyone responsibly.

The media is saying that they are making confirmed detections of about 60k cases per day. Every day. Can someone please check that number? Because we also know that most people will be largely asymptomatic, in fact many people will be completely asymptomatic.

I certainly had something in late March 2020 that matched all of the symptoms. It was the flu. Old people had it around here and said it was nothing. Back during the beginning of what they're calling the outbreak, they weren't testing people because they're claiming the hospitals were full.

What percentage of people are getting it, but not getting tested at all? I want to say 90%. But I'll admit that I'm just making that up.

That means we've had...two hundred million cases in the US. Which would be impossible wouldn't it, because children don't get it? If people are still catching it that means people are catching it twice. Which isn't how other viruses work according to my doctor. So the birding is unique in that way.

And we need booster shots. Like every few months or so we need a booster shot.

And these variants come out of nowhere. With other germs if they mutate, the germ becomes less virulent over time. But because 'reasons' the birding has a magic ability to become more dangerous.

And people just believe this. But let's not leave the variant idea alone yet. Because as noted the new deadlier variants come out of nowhere, and instead of spreading in some little pocket of society the people who catch these superbugs are inexplicably jumping on an airplane and running around infecting like five other towns? Heh. Which is not the way that pandemics usually work.

Anyway the reason why I'm ranting about this is because I used to have like three or four rocker friends. And these mohawk wearing, Metalicca venerating, spikey-jacket wearing type anti-establishment dudes are like pro-vaxers. They're all about the vaccine. Dudes whom I've never known to do something healthy in their life are all about proselytizing the vaccine. They have no idea what tools they sound like. College educated people are unable to see that the whole thing is fake.

Americans are that addicted to media. There's 100 things to do in the world, and that's the particular form of inanity that is catching on, screen addiction. We're that unhappy with planning our own day.

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I used to have like three or four rocker friends. ...... They're all about the vaccine.

They were always posers. Now you know. Globalists have had a century to perfect the brainwashing of shitlib types (low-info hyper emotional nutjobs). They can literally cause these middle IQs to repeat talking points about the "importance of fearing authoritarianism" and thinking they're "progressive" "rebels" while in the same sentence advocating for enslavement of humanity to globalist-communism, medical tyranny, stripping away self defense rights, pushing poison by force. It's the worst type of cult.

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Wow. Rock music is controlled opposition. Damn, Bro.

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I'm sure some rockers aren't Hollywood sellout cuck-slaves. :) They either have to be permanently independent artists with no "air play" granted to them on globalist media outlets, or to be let in the gates they have to sell out (playing ball or keeping their mouths shut and not speaking against the cabal).

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I do think it is a bioweapon, it is dangerous, not likely to kill you but getting long covid fatigue is a dangerous thing. I'd be pro vaccine if the vaccine worked and was 100% safe.

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I wonder how many Chinese billionaires have covid as a cause of death.

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i'd guess under 1% of them, china though usually just disappears them and doesn't say where they went

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The only reason I'm against the vaccine is because 96% of us cannot benefit from it according to the best science that is available for me, and getting it rewards the overreach Karen types.

I will admit that I take a perverse pleasure in thwarting the Karens, and threatening to cough on them. Filthy rabble!

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I'm not against the vaccine just due to not benefitting from it like if it did no harm or no good I'd not really die on that hill fighting it, but it does do harm, causes heart problems. So it's just no good. I'd tell the scietnists to get back to the drawing board and design a safe one but it's clear that it is done to thin out the herd.

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It was in the US October 2019, maybe September, but definitely October.

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If I may Friend, what are you basing that on?

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That was analysis in Jan 2020 based on both observations (I'm good at trend/prediction analysis) and my personal experiences months prior.

  • As for my first personal experience, I know a group of people in November 2019 in the US with traits that would later be called covid-19 and its varying effects: of a group of 10 people (7 adults, 3 kids) all sharing the same closed space, for example, a few had symptoms with 1 having what I then termed a harsh flu (heavy fever for 2 days, more boxes of tissues than a usual flu) and aches in the chest, 1 with a short fever, 1 with only a loss of smell, 1 with a runny nose, residual lighter symptoms for weeks after, and the rest of the 6 were fine. None traveled internationally but 1 worked in a major metro spot. Based on this alone I estimated the chance it was circulating probably a month prior in the US as very high, rather than this being a rare direct immediate circumstance.

Then some analysis made its way into some reports circulated months later in ~May/Spring 2020 that corroborated my experiences and other observations. It's usually a safe bet things start circulating prior to what they claim on record given major hotspots. Of the people contracting covid-19 in November/December 2019 and January 2020 in the US --- most did not know they had it and gained natural immunity without knowing it (unless they stupidly later got "vaccinated" and destroyed and reset parts of their natural immunity), and the remaining ones who experienced problems simply assumed it was a flu or cold. As we all know the story then unfolds in reverse: globalists and their industries "let the games begin" and marked as many people down under "covid death" as they could (most without direct causal linkages) so they could boost hysteria and plundering and gut the middle/small classes and accelerate the global dominion pursuit, but I digress.

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Just two more weeks to flatten the curve...

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They'll probably milk this shit until midterms...or just claim a new decepticon variant

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midterms will be next year in november 22, I'm sure there will be a new variant by then for that, maybe pi.