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I seriously don't know what to think at this point.

It is very possibly a hoax, because it is too perfect a black VS white divide incident, after the Rittenhouse acquittal a few days ago, a few miles away.

For TPTSNB this is just such a perfect incident to keep racial tensions high, you have to think it really could be a hoax.

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Thanks. It looks like a hoax and smells like a hoax. We need someone to check the hospitals and morgues.

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I know a guy in Milwaukee which is within spitting distance of all this, but he just gobbles everything the news spouts as ABSOLUTE FACT. He even voted for Biden, "because of the values".

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I know! If it's a lie, why is it on the news? That's what they always say, My favorite is: You think you're smarter than everybody else. 🙃

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It's hard replying to that last one... Sometimes I just say "Well apparently I am?"

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Apparently, you are. But some people just see through the BS better than others and man, there is a lot of BS flying around. On another subject, it seems that the uber-rich are hellbent on getting off the planet as soon as possible. What the hell is happening? It's the 12,800 year cycle. The residue of a huge comet is out there and comes back every 12,800 years. We are coming into it now but it will take years for it to reach its peak. Notice a lot of asteroids recently? When I start talking like this is when I need sleep. Oh, this site known as Göbekli Tepe in present-day SE Turkey is a warning to us that it's coming around again. Later tater.

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It's the galactic current sheet carrying a huge wave of dust to the Sun. Its gravity makes all that dust stick to it, while the solar wind keeps it from entering the star itself and gradually getting burnt up, so a shell around the sun builds up, until it has a black-with-cracks-that-emit-light appearance, and at that point, a big part of the Sun's energy is being kept within that shell.

Sometime around that point, the galactic current sheet overtakes the Sun, and our star, instead of being on one side and polarity of this immense electric field, suddenly is on the other side and polarity of it, its own poles reverse, which makes it flare, but the shell around it keeps all that energy in, and it undergoes a micro-nova, which seemingly creates some impactors (asteroid-like solid objects) which get sprayed around at hellish velocities.

And because the galactic and solar polarities reverse, the Earth's does the same. This micro-nova with its extremely powerful electromagnetic effects cancel out the Earth's crust's magnetic locking to the mantle, and the crust shifts 90 degrees, which in turn means that the atmosphere keeps on with its trajectory (1000 MPH winds) and the oceans do the same (1000 mph tsunamis with essentially all the Earth's water). The end. Of the world as we knew it.

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Did you read the same Graham Hancock book I did? Or where did you get that info? It comes from the Taurus Constellation and goes on for quite a while but humanity survived.

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This channel is filled with cosmology, astrophysics, geology and more, which all point to what I wrote. Enjoy! :-)

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The police just moved everything off the road so traffic could start moving again.

Come on, you guys aren't so dumb you can't work that out by yourselves.

Likely everyone who filmed the actual crash gladly gave their phones over to the police for evidence so, no, you won't get immediate footage of people dying from a nice neighbour in the same way you would from a scumbag area.

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Yes, they are that dumb. People seriously out here believing crisis actors are a real thing. Because reasons, usually involving (((Them))).

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People probably find the crisis actor theory credible due to the online ads wanting to hire crisis actors.

As for jews, do you not believe in them? It's true they're only around 2% of the population, but they're 'surprisingly ubiquitous' when you look at positions of power.

A lot of people get really uncomfortable when cracks appear in their view of the world. It's an easily exploited phenomenon when control over information sources is secured.

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It's true, people do get uncomfortable. THen they start believing things like "crisis actors are real" and "the illuminati don't want you to notice the jews" etc.

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Let me throw you a lifeline.

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they do exist but yeah this was just a scumbag really killing people

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Also, note that real people in some bad spots often can evade or take glancing, less serious blows. Most people will not stand there like a deer in a highlights while a slow moving red vehicle mows down a parade line. That’s ridiculous on its face.

This guy might be shocked to learn the parade was marching down the street in one direction, and the vehicle came from behind them. He's right about his implication being ridiculous on its face.

Even the top image he uses of chairs and belonging left in place is supposedly evidence of something 'odd'. Have never seen that site before, but the guy seems disconnected from reality. Or, that's his schtick to attract views.

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People have more than one sense Einstein. New thing going around, hearing. There was commotion and a racket as the vehicle allegedly plowed through.

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Oh and there wasn't loud music playing? Interesting parade, more like a wake?

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Now I'm a jew? lol

There's another new thing going around called using your brain. Have you ever attended a parade with marching bands?

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This is NOT a hoax, given this:

Now you DON'T clearly see the SUV but you see something red appearing just before some people are thrown around. Unless that video is CGI, which isn't technically impossible, then the attack actually took place.

However, given that the story appeared in the search engines days before it actually happened, it's a planned terrorist attack by... Well who the fuck knows at this point, but some more or less shadowy or official organization.

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I saw two versions: one cut just before the truck got to a group of people. In the other version you see the truck slow down and it appears to plow into a group. That one could be CGI. Also the sound was off imo.