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The goal was not slavery, the goal was extermination. Round up the Jews, use some to be slaves for the war effort and kill others off. Slaves were eventually killed off themselves when they were no longer healthy enough to provide slave labor for the war effort. You're conflating two things as a means to deny the holocaust occurred.



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I am not denying the holocaust occurred. The Nazi's clearly had it out for Jews. But some of the details should be questioned.

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You're engaging in holocaust denial.

Hol·o·caust de·ni·al

Learn to pronounce


noun: Holocaust denial

the belief or assertion that the Holocaust did not happen or was greatly exaggerated.



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So how do you explain the fact that the Jewish population in Germany grew during the Holocaust?

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So you believe there is not a single aspect of the holocaust that wasn't exaggerated? Is this article not evidence that at least this person's claims were lies?