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The narrative of the nazi death camps, while possible, seems inconsistent.

It's consistent, not inconsistent. It's only inconsistent to those who want to deny what occurred.

The germans knew they were losing the war.

They only knew they were losing the war after making the mistake of invading Russia. Not years earlier when they were in the middle of building concentration camps where they exterminated Jews and other groups of people.

If the goal truly were Jewish extermination, why not execute all the Jews?

Because Jews were needed for slave labor, who do you think help build more than 1,000 death camps? The Jews did. Jews were also used for slave labor during the war effort.

Jewish women were also used as sex slave by Nazi soldiers, the soldiers sure did not want to kill all of them off.

When stories like this come up people like to use it to cast doubt on the holocaust.



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"Death camps" 🤣. Death camps that allow them to have soccer games, concerts, theater and even maternity wards.

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You forgot to mention they also had carnivals, ice cream socials, pony rides and synagogues.



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I guess these people are liars

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Typical, trying to deny the lives lost at death camps.

Notably, the babies born inside concentration camps were not released into the communities. For example, of the 3,000 babies born at Auschwitz, some 2,500 newborns were drowned in a barrel at the maternity ward by the German female overseers.

The mortality of the Zivil- und Ostarbeiter babies was very high on average, exceeding 50 percent regardless of circumstances. It is estimated that between 1943 and 1945 some 100,000 infants of slave labourers from Poland and the Soviet Union were killed by forced abortion or by calculated neglect after birth in Germany.

By other estimates, up to 200,000 children might have died. A German general and NSDAP government official, Erich Hilgenfeldt, while inspecting some of those locations was troubled by what he saw. He reported that the children were dying in an unnecessarily slow, tortuous process lasting for months, due to inadequate food rations.

Let's not act like these maternity wards were there for babies to be born and provided with care so they can grow up to be healthy children.



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Well if wikipedia says so...

You seriously think they would use all that time and resources to deliver 3k babies...just to drown them. Sounds pretty ridiculous, right?

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Why build death camps? Was the goal slavery? Slavery makes more sense than extermination.

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The goal was not slavery, the goal was extermination. Round up the Jews, use some to be slaves for the war effort and kill others off. Slaves were eventually killed off themselves when they were no longer healthy enough to provide slave labor for the war effort. You're conflating two things as a means to deny the holocaust occurred.



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I am not denying the holocaust occurred. The Nazi's clearly had it out for Jews. But some of the details should be questioned.

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You're engaging in holocaust denial.

Hol·o·caust de·ni·al

Learn to pronounce


noun: Holocaust denial

the belief or assertion that the Holocaust did not happen or was greatly exaggerated.



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So how do you explain the fact that the Jewish population in Germany grew during the Holocaust?

[–]Gaslov 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

So you believe there is not a single aspect of the holocaust that wasn't exaggerated? Is this article not evidence that at least this person's claims were lies?