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if it kills weeds it stands to reason it kills animals and humans too, or at least harms them

if weeds are so bad hire people to pull them up

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After Roundup started becoming popular the bugs in the fields suddenly became much less common to see.

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I don't mind that, fuck insects, just like I don't like weeds, but not worth getting rid of them at the cost of harming humans, causing autism.

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That's right. The thing is insects are also part of the environment so people shouldn't harm them for no reason either...

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I think that thought is overblown, they're pests, they spread disease, if mosquitoes for example went extinct it'd be great. Bees have some benefit making honey but even them we can do without.

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popper has made two of the most incorrect statements:

if mosquitoes for example went extinct it'd be great.

Bees have some benefit making honey but even them we can do without.

my response: NO

damm popper.

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We all tend to do that once in a while.

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but this isnt like answering left when you should say right or saying yes when you should say no..

to suggest that there would not be a complete catastrophe if we lose the bees or the mosquitos is SIMPLY CRIMINALLY WRONG.

if either of these two creatures should have their populations reduced in size by any noticeable amount, this could cause a chain reaction that could result in the extinction of humanity.


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Well, if things go downhill, then we can always blame popper for it (?)

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i dont really know for sure, but i think that we are already past the point of no return..

i have always said that if we have a little problem here and a little problem there etc etc, then this will create a situation where the problem can not be corrected AND the problem will actually become worse and worse EVEN IF YOU STOP ALL OF YOUR DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOURS.

in other words, if we are on the titanic and there is a fire in the engine room AND there is a malfunction on the bridge AND then we hit an iceberg... it doesnt matter what you do, there are so many problems that we can not correct the problem and the ship is going to sink.

say good night to humanity.

do not listen to the /u/popper types of the world.

we are past the point of no return.

could it be that our governments finally wised up and faced the music? and that this is why they are locking down the entire world? and maybe the vaccines really are intended to eliminate 90% of humanity?