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A Short 10 minute summary of what's going on in Canada in regards to the Covid Mandates. Extremely dangerous period and contrary to what the corporate propagandists are parroting there are people that are resisting.

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Wheres the fascism though. I clicked because you said Canada is becoming a based fascist ethnostate.

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This is authoritarian liberalism. Where's teh fascism?

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Please stop using wikipedia for your definition of fascism.

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Please stop confusing authoritarianism with fascism moron. Fascism is an actual political ideology, not just something political that you don't like. Stop being a boomer retard.

And for the record, there is absolutely zero fascism in Canada. It would be based if there was.

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I'd say all nations, including Canada, have fascist elements if not completely corporatocracy, as fascism is government plus corporate control, according to Mussolini.

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It's been explained elsewhere on the site but corporatism doesn't mean what you think it means. The fascist corporation is similar to a trade guild or union. This idea that corporatism is actually big business control over everything comes from the leftwing reddit meme "Fascism is capitalism in decay" which is ignorant to say the least but is still devoured uncritically by reddit drones.

More info:

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It seems there are divergent valid views on things - especially in a world of limited and weaponized vernacular.

It would be wiser to acknowledge the differences and adopt to the world rather than trying to make the world fit in your old definition.

I don't try to outright negate the world view of a normie by saying, well actually, everything is a conspiracy - instead I'd present example after example after example to chip away and erode their world view until they come around.

Granted, this evolution requires the luxuries of time, inclination, and motivation to learn.

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You sound like a fascist.