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The NY state representative who was married to Hillary's Pakistani personal assistant was a member. Thanks for posting this since this and Pizzagate were both covered up as swiftly as possible.

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I say the sexual abuse allegations are horseshit. He had two women that were members of the group and they encouraged other women in the group to have sex with him. We are supposed to believe that being encouraged to do something is somehow the same as being forced into it? They had no ability to say thanks but no thanks?

I think what really happened is Keith did something that pissed off the wrong people. Probably the husbands of one or more of them found out what their wives were getting up to.

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I don't think you know enough about the cult and the case - or I don't.

Either way, whatever the corporate media says is biased.

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Personally I say it's like arguing that Muslims have free choice to leave when most are completely convinced they will burn in hellfor eternity if they do.

People worry about more than physical consequences when there's religion involved.

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Basically was human trafficking sponsored by the Mexican elite (eg politicians)