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vaccines should be like circumcision, let people decide for themselves at age 18

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Shouldn't children get vaccinated against dangerous stuff like polio? I got a bunch of vaccines as a kid and I don't think I'm any worse because of it.

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Children in the US aren't routinely vaccinated against polio or smallpox any more, because it doesn't appear, because of the success of the vaccine, according to all indications. Other places show the same success, like India a few years ago.

But maybe polio wasn't quite the danger we all thought it was. For example, FDR probably had Guilliain-Barre Syndrome, the same disease that still cripples victims of vaccines and viruses today.

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We still vax for polio here.

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polio was spread thru feces, if we have a better sewage treatment system, teach people to clean their toilet and shut the lid, there'd be a lot less illnesses.

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No, those vaccines aren't safe either. The only reason this is not broadly known is that the extreme majority has gotten them so there is no obvious control group.

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Yeah but we see what happens when one doesn't get vaccinated and then gets some horrible disease. We have to ask what is worse - the possible side effects or the illness.

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I count 36 vaccine doses for childhood immunization. About 3.6 million babies born every year, that's 129,600,000 doses for the kids but that's over their childhood and not per year.

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For the US: Influenza Vaccine Doses Distributed in the United States, By Season

Note that this is only flu vaccines *distributed,* including any which expired and were tossed, or otherwise spoiled, but not including pneumonia shots or any other kind. But these probably comprise the vast majority of vaccines administered. I would guess pneumonia shots (and standard child vaccines like MMR or whatever they do now) would be next numerous, and they might have that on another page.

They seem to get these number from manufacturers, and there's no coordinated reporting on shots administered. If you knew the right people to ask, you could make an educated guess on how many of those were actually administered. I wouldn't be surprised if it were as low as 80%. They aren't very expensive.

And for comparison, COVID-19 Data Tracker

I searched for the original claim by McCullough on the site he writes for, but couldn't find it. I did find this article from August 31 republished all over though, with this snippet:

The notion that a “vaccine” that has killed more people in nine months than all other vaccines combined in three decades is considered safe stretches beyond the bounds of credulity and further undermines public trust in the FDA

It's long, and does cite and link to things like VAERS numbers, but it would take some reading to tell whether that "notion" is correct. It's annoyingly written like a boomer's political newsletter.

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That’s helpful. Thank you.

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I asked this same question many weeks back and received no answer. Thanks for asking again. Thanks also to firststone for a helpful response.

It is useful to note that in pre-insanity times (just a few years ago, though it feels like forever), the kind of numbers you and I have asked about would have been the go-to standard response to calm people down on witnessing the VAERS absolute numbers spike. Rather than put the Adverse Events/jabs numbers out, however, the only response has been the increasingly shrill ad hominem of "MISINFORMATION!!!!!! YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DIE!!!!!!" The very fact that they don't go to the numbers is by itself suspicious, suggesting that the numbers don't tell the story they want. If the numbers would have done the job, they would have used them. Instead, we get garbage.

The sheer quantity of outright lies regarding covid tells you the "pandemic response" since day zero has never been what it has been advertised to be. If they're lying about what it is that they're doing, then what are they doing? The fact that we need to ask that question keeps me up at night.