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I think this is spot on. The only hope I have is that people can see it more clearly because those orchestrating it have grown very impatient and are accelerating it. The fact that things will only get worse can not be more obvious on every level. The question is how do we get people to step back so they can take an honest hard objective look at those who are misleading them? The question does not impact the outcome, the victory is already won, after things get far worse.

One thing for me is to think about those with so much money that they have assured comfort for as many of their subsequent generations as imaginable: why do they want MORE? What is driving them to be so complicit in evil and remain so greedy instead of doing what every decent person says they would do if hey hit the lottery (something good with it)? Along the same lines is to look at how those who lie and cover those who abuse power always "fall up" in world, get promoted and double down on choosing that side of the battle. How does a system that protects and rewards evil end? The myth of progress is laid bare when that is considered.

One last thing I think is worth taking a step back and looking at is how authoritarianism has infected every thing. Science is not used to question and discover and prod into the workings of the natural world anymore but used to enforce dogma and single interpretations of complex, and often sketchy, data that is strung together or piled up like a jenga puzzle where any attempt to reinterpret the data in a way that goes against the powerful's interpretation is shouted out. There's a meme here on said it saying something like this: the truth enjoys being questioned, lies hate being challenged. The best teachers I've had were willing to say "I don't know. Let's figure it out" and then were honest about how we progressed together in trying to figure it out. At this point though the profits are so high in the corporate version of science, and the control via lobbying and advertising and just paying shills write BS on behalf of drug companies and insurance companies, that the care and finesse that went into propaganda is fallen away and brute force has replaced it. Orwell's boot is the end result of all the revolutions and supposed love and defense of freedoms since the enlightenment period. That should frighten the most ardent defenders of those traditions, but instead they imagine themselves high up in the bureaucracy and insulated from reigns of terror that they always bring.

The knowledge that Orwell's boot is a weak attempt to strike at the heel of the one who will crush the head of the serpent, that truth is the light of hope or where we place our hopes. Making everyone hopeless is part of the evil ones' goal, perhaps the major part. To think there is no other way, to shut out God in our minds and our lives and our hopes, to leave no room for faith in anything other than an obviously flawed system that rewards the most maniacal of the ambitious, the most devoid of decency or self-reflection, is the biggest lie. I imagine it as all the governments in the world declaring all the roads to be one ways all ending in the same place. Get out of the (soon to be self-driving) car and walk the other way.

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Almost all the ruling class worships demons. Moloch, Satan. Etc.