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Well there are different players that seek to influence people's opinions online. I think astroturfing overall is a negative influence on the human experience when it comes to judging information.

It's a supposed confession from a shill talking about the different techniques used in order to manipulate information online and "character assassinate" opponents. There's no way to tell if It's legit so take it with a grain of salt.

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Not without moronic moderators like the ones on Reddit. Just takes one person to post the complete clip from Trump for the infamous "Good People" or the clip from the misquote with Jordan Peterson talking to Camille Paglia, to undermine the argument. EDIT: Clarified bad wording

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I think I've seen this posted here before, and it looks to be worded the same as I remember it. The OP's account was apparently deleted. Someone's apparently posting the same thing over and over on new accounts and then deleting them.

There are two possibilities:

  1. He's being honest and wants to brag for attention

  2. He's lying and this is a red herring