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I don't see any mention of nasal therapy or tissue in this article, was this removed from the article or did you see it elsewhere?

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why is the US healthcare like this? lol

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Globalists prefer plundering, undermining, and controlling nations. The reason is the same reason globalist tyranny through medical tyranny is being pushed: because they can (try).

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This isn't the case in Europe though, even though the globalists are trying very hard within the EU to ruin everything. Seems like a US-specific issue.

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In short:

Globalists fleece Europe in ways that work. Globalists fleece the US in ways that work. Both ways are converging into the same end game. The US is the "HQ" of a lot of these globalist "medical" companies, much like it's the base of their global military capacity. The idea that Euro health care is subsidized by Americans is true. Except 95% of what's coming out of Pharma is shit anyway and these are industries hostile to people's health. The current systems are largely legally liable to recommend bad treatments.

It would be great if we had a health system in the US where the [hospitals, doctors, personnel, pharma/medical-tech industries] weren't in a literal conspiracy to be slaves to bullshit "pandemic"-scares and pushing medical tyranny and convincing and triaging hundreds of millions of people FROM BIRTH to get on to "vaccines" with aluminum entering brains and hardcore "drugs" they shouldn't be on. The flow of money is lining every traitor and clueless normie's pockets alike. A lot of people get into medicine for the right reasons. A lot of them are bravely rejecting tyranny now and refusing being jabbed repeatedly, but well over half of the industry is there for the ride and they're the same dumb normies consuming the same globalist media as everyone else.

One of the people correctly leveraging their own game was Martin Shkreli. Hence, it kicked off a chain reaction of higher players wanting Shkreli squashed like a bug and he was given the tar & feather treatment in normie globalist press.

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Government control

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Because money is truly the root of all evil.

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Well I think the medical system in the US is really messed up and the companies related to the medical industry want to keep it that way. I think this covers up some of its unfair policies.

Hospitals in the US have charged thousands of dollars for simple therapies. I think the whole medical industry is messed up all by itself, all thanks to the Rockefellers. Most health problems originate because of a bad diet and poor health habits, but most people end up become addicts to their drugs that are actually Placebos for the most part.