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black people could have just said no thanks we don't want the cocaine

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I think it's interesting crack became a black woman's drug, particularly mothers.

I think many black women were so miserable at that time they basically had no psychological defence against a new, highly addictive drug.

And they were miserable because of the behaviour of black men and the expectations of their culture that they fix every problem in the community.

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true they are often most religious too, opiate of the masses. their lives are miserable I agree well they could try not having kids as teens and try working hard in school then they'd do better financially.

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So the CIA has done some nasty things when it comes to the drug dealing everywhere. People should remember how the whole business with the Contras started and how they funded themselves.

Considering that the CIA is a Catholic, Jesuit controlled organization:

Then the Vatican's role in the drug dealing isn't really a conspiracy theory anymore, but just to remind everyone of the CIA's plots:

How the CIA supported the Mexican drug cartels.

How the CIA used John Hull's Ranch of 8,000 acres in Costa Rica for Contras and Drugs. Six Pilots admit landing on U.S. Military bases with drug shipments.

The Kerry committee said that the US government gave aid to the Contra drug dealers despite the fact that they were already convicted by US institutions, like the CIA.

Dan Addario, DEA veteran who worked in the Noriega and Knun Sa cases mentions the CIA's influence on the drug dealing cases. (14:00)

"The Crimes of Patriots". The book that shows how top U.S. officials knew about the drug trade and were on the board of directors of the Nugan Hand bank laundering money from the Asian Heroin trade.

The CIA's role in arming Afghanistan's drug lords and how Britain protects the biggest heroin crops. (Daily Mail 2007)

On camera admission by U.S. Intelligence (CIA) Tony Poe; Drug Lord was allowed to run drugs through Air America, with the CIA delivering drugs to South Vietnam.

The CIA in Vietnam and Laos.

How the CIA made Afghanistan safe for the opium trade. The different psyops and false flags run by the US government to justify the US occupation.

Michael Levine, a 25 years veteran of the DEA said the CIA had a huge role in the creation of the Bolivian drug cartel "La Corporacion", which he described as the General Motors of Cocaine.

Anti-drug unit of the CIA sent tons of cocaine from Venezuela to the US. (NYT 1993)

The US DOJ (Associate Attorney general Stephen Trott) notified the office of independent counsel that an informant named Paul Allen Rudd met with Pablo Escobar and that an exchange of guns for drugs happened with the Contras. The informant said that Escobar was dealing with a US government agency.

LAPD Narcotics detective confronts CIA director over their involvement in the drug trade.

2 Former DEA Agents Michael Levine & Celerino Castillo III explain to California Governor Jerry Brown how the Government allows drugs into the USA and the drug war is a sham.

Interview of ex-DEA agent Celerino Castillo talking about Bush's involvement in the drug business in Latin America. Castillo ended up handing over his bronze star in disappointment of his own government.

Michael Levine on the CIA working with the law department to obstruct justice.

Documents revealed that the CIA worked with several newspapers, including the L.A. Times, to destroy Gary Webb, the journalist who exposed the CIA's cocaine smuggling connections.

Make sure to visit the s/Jesuits sub Saidit for more info about the order. When it comes to taking action against the Vatican, please make sure to visit s/NationalistRevolution as well. It's up to us to set up the revolution to stop the Jesuits from completing their perfect communism.

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Now they just give the street apes guns so they can shoot each other.