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In Europe gangs use the care system as a drop off point for trafficking.

The middle classes encourage this as their poor hearts bleed at the thought of child refugees. They enable the mass rape of children by doing the criminal's job for them, organising for these kids to get across boarders and to the people waiting to exploit them.

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So with all the pedo cases being exposed recently, I think people might be interested in this record.

After a US Senator started getting media attention towards how victims of sex trafficking were related to the US foster care system, she and her husband were murdered in 2010.

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That is what happens when you have dirt on the wrong politicians. Look at Jeffrey Epstein for example.

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I'm terrified about the way people can be manipulated by such scum. The world is getting closer to Soviet Union levels of intolerance.

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"Police concluded the deaths to have been a murder–suicide perpetrated by her husband, but the motive for the murder was unclear and never established."