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Fuck the terrible two's.

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In most counties outside the anglosphere toddlers don't have the terrible twos.

It's a cultural problem.

Other cultures don't give young children choices. Their brains can't cope with that pressure.

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Let's face it in the future ADHD is going to be seen as an invented illness specific to our times.

Some people are just a bit shit or a bit single minded. Nothing wrong with that, no one's perfect.

ADHD drugs are all performance enhancing drugs. Those with a diagnosis are under performing so the drugs bring them up to average. Normal people take them and they perform above average.

I saw one ADHD sufferer list "cleaning the whole house when I meant to spend the morning writing" as an exam of her unusual hyper focused behaviour. There is literally not a writer out there who hasn't done this. They do things which frustrate them, which most people do, and then assume that's an illness which goes in the ADHD box rather than listen and communicate with other people outside that box and realise it's normal.

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I'm sure there's a lot of corruption in the medical industry in the US. These article from the NYT covers up how children are given the wrong treatment.

Over 10,000 American children were medicated for ADHD despite the fact that they are still developing their social skills. Honestly even when people hit 20, their brain still hasn't fully developed, I find this completely absurd.

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There's a better than average chance that the toddlers are not the ones consuming those meds.