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A lot of people are curious about the murder of JFK and exactly who was involved in the conspiracy so I think this is an interesting record exposing Bush.

On the day JFK was killed, a man named George H. W. Bush was in Houston, TX overseeing the operation on behalf of the CIA. He did what he could to obscure his location.

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a key thing I have questions about is why does this memo exist, well J Edgar Hoover made it, why, well he documented a lot of things for blackmail purposes. He was being blackmailed himself for being gay but it went both ways which is how he kept power for a long time. This documented the main thing that Bush was there in Dallas, and Bush later said he couldn't remember where he was which is wild, so this is a pretty big smoking gun not just for JFK being killed by CIA running things since because of Bush becoming a president not to mention his son and other neocon friends. But also I want to thank J Edgar for doing it. A lot of his documents were destroyed or disappeared, how did this still exist? Everyone should read Family of Secrets.

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Hoover was part of teh cover-up and crime.

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Someone else also mentioned that book to me on reddit. Ironic isn't it. Exists for the purposes of blackmail. Your ever read the details of how Hoover was the fore runner, the blueprint for the Epstein scam? Mintpressnews did a 2 part article.

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Yeah Hoover was gay, and a cross dresser, nowadays if it came out that some politician was gay or a transgender, they would be praised. So that blackmail doesn't work. Everyone knows Lyndsey Graham is gay but I bet even repubs would still support him if he came out, to show the libs they're not homophobic. But being a pedo is still tabboo so that is what they do at their blackmail parties now.

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There's a grainy picture of a guy in a tie near the assassination that people say may be him. But hell this says he was proceeding to Dallas so it doesn't matter if the pic is him. Fuck the Bushes.

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yeah he might not have been in dealey plaza, a guy looking like him was there but it's hard to say. But there were CIA agents there, and they were communicating with walky talkys, Bush might have been in a building somewhere watching things and communicating with his agents.

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Bush was NOT overseeing the assassination. He was there, however, and certainly knew what would transpire. READ Michele Metta's book on Mossad and CIA complicity in the assassination of JFK.

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What's the book called?

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Just search on amazon Michele Metta JFK,


Michael Piper's book Final Judgement is also a must read too.

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This one:

This one: VOLUME 1

This one: VOLUME 2

and finally;

This one:

Only books you need to read to know who killed JFK. THough I do not agree with some things Metta tries to weave together, he gives a good overview of the Masonic and Mossad aspect of the assassination of JFK while Piper goes into the Mossad and Zionsit aspect and DeBrosse focuses on the media aspect.

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You're the fucking man, Jesus! Thanks again!

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I would start off with Piper and then read Metta and debrosse. Piper gives a wider overview and sort of answers most of the questions one might have while Debrosse and Metta go into the finer detail. One doesn't have to agree with everything they write to understand the plot and who was ultimately involved.

For instance, Metta makes connetions between Mossad and Nazis where they only really exist on past indirect relations. Schacht, for instance, Hitler's original banker and some banks that financed Hitler, which now front Mossad and Israel causes who played a hand in the rise of Nazism in the 20's, were not Nazis per say but were funding the cause indirectly for Zionist and profit reasons. Schacht was a freemason and in 1940 was fired by Hitler for being an agent of British high finance. Once Hitler liquidated all Freemasonry, according to German documents, Schacht became obstructionist and looked to use his conncetions to destroy nazi Germany. He was thrown in Dachu but survived. Schacht wrote a book called the Magic of Money where he claims to be the creator of the Haavara agreement which sought to transfer german Jews to Palestine which was not the first choice of Nazis. He writes that Hitler stopped the transfer agreement in 1938 and that he did not why. Schacht also says that he hated Gottfried Feder for attack on interest and high finance. That Feder was destructive and would destroy the goodwill of bankers. While Hitler did hire Schacht and left Feder to a low-tier government role in 1933, when he thought he's be of higher use, which he later left to teach; at wars time, when Schacht was fired and thrown in Dachu, Feder's pupil, who he taught, Walther Funk, was placed in Schacht's position.

I'm only trying to make the case that the Prussian Masonic and Mossad relationships with the Nazis were indirect and eventually hostile and had little to do with the assassination of JFK after the war. Mussoliniyist agents, however, were part of the assassination of JFK literally because they thought JFK wasn't useful enough in combating communism and because he wanted entente and a CIA which was fronted by war veterans like Smith who were agaisnt unconventional warfare rather than unconventional warfare Zionists and Masonic agents, hence, JFK had to go for that reason alone among many others, such as his stance agaisnt Nuclear Israel and Zionism in general.

Think of the revisionist Zionist Jew Jabotinsky, who fought for Mussolini on the Ethiopian front and conducted drills with the Italian army. Jabotinsky had no problems with Mussolini but believed Hitler was the enemy of Zionism and the establishement of Israel which is clearly observed when we take into account Operation Atlas and various other campaigns where the Nazis fought along side the Arabs in palestine and armed them.

So, the obstructionist elements in the Nazi regime did have a relationship with Mossad and high finance. Which leads me to believe that there were certainly more Zionists (many being Ashkenazi Jews) working for the Nazis, direct or indirect, probably in many cases as double agents and obstructionsits, than what is believed.

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In May 1963 JFK threatened to withdraw US support for Israel and leave them isolated unless David Ben Gurion agreed to allow US weapons inspectors to verify Israel was not developing nuclear weapons at their facility in Dimona. Ben Gurion resigned in disgust in June. Five months later JFK was dead and Israel continued with their nuclear program which was never questioned by the US ever again.

The reason this was never mentioned in any of the investigations, books or documentaries into the assassination is because they are all deflections. JFK was assassinated by Mossad because Israel believed nuclear weapons were crucial for their security and JFK's policies threatened that.

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They're not deflections per say. You had p2 members in Italy traveling to Dallas writing letters to World Brotherhood Inc., that they were excited to see how the 'event' would unfold. Many different factiosn hated the kennedy's but yes, one faction hated JFK and RFK more than any other faction and that was Zionists.

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I'll definitely be looking in to those books. I appreciate the help.

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Also, keep in mind Metta talks about right-wing terror acts in relation to the CIA, NATO, and stay-behind programs. The idea that the JFK assassination was a communist plot is a lie, don't go down that road. It was a Likudnik, Zionist, Mossad, detente CIA masonic act. Metta refers at one time to the Charlottesville neo-nazi media psyop. What happened at that event, though people and authors don't want to admit it, is that the people who put it on were Zionists like Spencer, who has Jewish ancestry and is a Duginist, which is National Bolshevism. So there is certainly a connection between Zionism and Bolshevism and Duginism and Mossad and GRU.