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Well, there's been several cases of brutality involving the authorities of the government when it comes to people who could be suspects. This case calls the attention because of the sheer cruelty of it.

US interrogators tortured and killed a detainee because of he was an Afghan despite most people thinking he was just an innocent man. A lot of people in the military and other armed forces aren't confortable with the idea of corruption in their institutions, but it surely is there.

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They only can brutalize you, if you let them.

That is why an honorable artilllery man like i am has a six-figure salary.

Mostly gorillas never get near to anything important but you already knew that, didn't you?

US military basicallly is gorillas searching for a thruth that even if they found it make their medullas explode.

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Yeah but why rock the boat?

No one likes a smartass.