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Well, there's been a lot of cases involving sexual abuse of children coming from the church, so be should keep an eye on them to know about the corruption going on.

There were several leaders of the Roman Catholic Church that helped cover up sexual abuse cases of around 300 priests involving children over a period of 70 years. At least 1,000 victims were identified.

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Not the first time khazarians pretended to be Christians.

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Yup, Pope Bergoglio is a Jew. His mother was Jewish. He hangs out with Talmudics and has a painting in his office that says to blot out Jesus's name.

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Jews abused Millions of children by circumcision, and sucking their little dicks.

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1 homosexual has 4 underage molestations compared to 1 out of every 11 heterosexual... || What about teh Catholic Church and Teachers?

I na Jewish naturalist secular society homosexuality is ever increasing. Catholics, real traditional Catholics have no control, no money. Catholics were ALWAYS against homosexuality but new age gnostic 'catholicism' which is fronted by gnostics and Jews, it the reason for its infiltration.

Ratio it out; 500,000,000 heterosexuals est. 45 million cases of underage molestation as opposed to 2 billion for homosexuals if populations were similar. The frequency of molestation in the homosexual community is markedly concerning but we know not all homosexuals molest children so there is a subset in this population that molests at a frequency unfathomable.

Zionist media, who hate Christians, is hush about this, doesn't care.

Zionist media then says the Catholic church is the devil and preists have a pedophilia problem even though before Nostra Aetate homosexuality was seen as a detrimental sin and pedophilia even moreso. Communists and Judeo-Opei have worked to subvert the church, induce schisms that destroy the santification of grace and the Catholic tradition. There is little talk about traditional Catholics and the church that existed before Marrano and Rabbinics took over the Church. Why no talk about Orthodox Jews and molestation cases, or better yet, why not the wonderful public school system?

Teachers abuse 100 times more than priests...

4,392 priests and deacons had allegations of child sexual abuse from 1950 to 2002 against 10, 667 children, representing approximately 4% of all priests in the United States in that time period.”[3] There are 321,500 victims of sexual assault each year, and despite the amount of media coverage the Catholic Church receives, an overwhelming majority of assaults are committed by people other than priests.

The U.S. Department of Education found that 5% to7% of public school teachers engage in sexual abuse of children per year.[6] In addition, a small scale study found that 4% of Anglican priests had sexually abused minors in western Canada and other religious leaders and clerics engage in this type of behavior as well.[7] Despite a higher offender rate among public school teachers and similar offender rates in other religions, the media’s incessant coverage of the Catholic priest scandal leads to the public misconception that Catholic priests are responsible for a majority of child sexual abuse cases, when this simply is not true. Sexual abuse offenders are not limited to one specific profession or type of religion. Any person in any potential job, position, or lifestyle has the potential of being a sexual abuse offender.

Another myth that the media plays into is that clerical celibacy leads to pedophilia, however, there is no research to support this allegation.[8] [9] In fact, roughly 80% of sex abuse offenders are men, who are not celibate and are often married or in a relationship.[10] [11] These men often abuse children within their own families or homes.[12] Furthermore, of the public school teachers who have sexually abused children, most are married or non-celibate, and somehow, public school teachers tend to offend in this way at a higher rate (5-7%) than Catholic priests or other clerics (4%).[13]

So it is clearly obvious why the largely Zionist Jew owned media focuses on the Church. Zionists hate Catholics and Christ.

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Hmmmmmm, could it be because Zionsit Jew media hates Catholics. I mean they certainly destroyed the church through infiltration and subvertion.