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This is a bit of a shitpost if you don't provide arguments. That being said: it's plausible. A year ago, ex-CIA agent Ray McGovern said: "sure as can be -- mark my words -- there'll be another 9/11. Considering how much these people love their symbolic dates, and how naive the masses are, I wouldn't put it beyond them to launch a new false flag on the very same date.

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the main argument is just that it's 9/11

i'm sure they have multiple flags already planned, they always do, the only question is when to pull the trigger, I suspect soon.

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To get Joe looking bad? He already does. They already reactivated the muslims that hadn't done anything under Trump. That's a low-level thing.

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well they did 9/11 in a way that made W Bush look good, at least at first, he had 90% approval and won reelection.

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Too many people are rejecting the dystopian narrative that has them voluntarily reducing or ending their lives with an experimental treatment designed for something other than creating immunity from a virus.

Time to remind them why they need to unquestioningly obey mother government. The things is false flags are always imminent as they have always been utilized to shape policy. Trauma based programming is easiest when you create a state of trans marginal inhibition in the public.

Beating the 9/11 horse might be a bit too obvious but these people do love their symbolism.