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Also feeds h pylori and makes you ill.

Just had a guy coughing up blood at work from a burst stomach ulcer. He drinks lucozade all day to keep him going.

People drink soda, start having stomach pains and poor digestion because h pylori is attacking their organs, switch to drinking their calories because that feels better than eating, then they end up with ulcers or cancer.

Same thing with many alcoholics, they get stomach or bowel cancer before their liver packs in because of all the sugar in what they are drinking rather than the alcohol.

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Every fat person I know always has a soda in their hands.

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Well, the people in the big corporations have been responsible for several crimes so we should keep an eye on the different cases they have been involved in.

The Coca-Cola company paid scientists to downplay how sugary drinks helped in the obesity crisis of the US. Coca-Cola have also been involved in crimes over here in Latin America, I've even heard they funded their own paramilitary groups in Colombia.

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If a corporation is paying for research that says their products aren't as dangerous as people otherwise suspect, of course the results of that research will reflect their desire to diminish concerns over how dangerous their product is. However, this doesn't absolve the consumer of personal responsibility for what they put into their bodies. Coke doesn't put a knife to our throats or a gun to our heads and make us drink. We do.

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Coca Cola also happens to be one of the CDC's biggest donors

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This is exactly what the sugar industry did in the 50s and put the blame on fat.

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no news. Just look at sugary water like i do. Obselete it is.

But since it was a jew invention we all drink it.