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"Trust the science" they say as they manipulate the data to fit their agenda.

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I wondered why they had it be 2 shots, and now 3. Other vaccines were like that but not 2 weeks apart, like hepatits vaccine is 6 months apart. I wonder if they could have given us just one dose which would then protect us from coronavirus, but they added another one 2 weeks later in order to kill us. Or a 3rd one later to finish the job off.

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this is not like other vaccines, this is an immuno-therapy product only. you can still catch it and spread it when vaccinated, even at peak vaccine effectiveness. they admit all of this but dance around it like bastard politicians.

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They are fucking with the PCR test by using different multiplication cycles. So someone who dies with a heart attack will be listed as Covid death due to false positive (40 cycles, 99% chance false positive). While a covid patient dying due to a failing "vaccine" can be listed as non covid (25 cycles, 30% chance false negative).

There is now also a lot of propaganda to blame the "Variants" on the people that avoided the Experiments.
The "variants" appear more deadly to the lab-rats, and soon they will die by the 1000s when the long term side-effects start kicking in.

To get a neutral respond, I often refer to working medicine Ivermectin.
It helps all these patients (even some side-effects) and should be introduced now.
That way the lab-rats do not need a booster every 6 months.
If people look at it with a bit of sense, they will accept it as a solution.
And this acceptance will also remove the artificial need for the Experiments.

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I also believe they changed the PCR cycles on the test depending on if you're vaccinated or not, i.e. you're MUCH more likely to test positive if you haven't had the vaccine.

I can't swear to this but I did read it a while ago in an as I recall reputable source.

If nothing else this whole "pandemic" has done more to erode people's trust in science than anything I've ever heard of.

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I don't know what your source was, but I read that on the CDC website a while back. Non-vaccinated get a 42 cycle test and are "positive" if the test comes back positive. The vaccinated are limited to 24 cycles and they must be hospitalized with symptoms before they count as a "positive" case.

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I read that on the CDC website

That's what I recall too. Absurd. Any scientifically literate knows this is absolute bullshit.

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A real “pandemic” would not require censorship, propaganda or politicalization.

What we have now is a psychological operation the goal of which is to turn the immune systems of the human race into Big Pharma subscription service and based on the type of damages widely reported in the uncensored media to drastically shorten the human life span. With all the reports of women getting fucked menstrual cycles and heavy bleeding the predictively programmed sterilization of the useless eaters might also be coming to fruition.

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And I can turn lead into gold.