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Summary: An Israeli company sells criminal activities as a paid service.

Highlights: widespread; 50,000 phone numbers spied on. Server infrastructure mainly in Europe; also 79 servers in the UK and 28 in the US.

Based on these two tables it appears that NSO Group is primarily using the European datacentres run by American hosting companies to run much of the attack infrastructure for its customers.

Tons more details made available by Amnesty International Security Lab

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More developing. It now seems that pension plans of Oregon state employee may have funded the criminal NSO group, indirectly via private equity fund investment injections.

Major investors in a private equity firm that has majority ownership of NSO Group, the maker of the Pegasus spyware, are in discussions about what action to take. The Oregon state employee pension fund is one of the largest investors, if not the largest, having committed $233 million to Novalpina Capital, the private equity firm, in 2017.

Novalpina Capital has been saddled with both an internal dispute among its founding partners and an explosive report showing NSO Group's spyware has been widely misused around the globe.