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There's different solar cycles happening all the time. Those as well as cloud cover are not very realistically modeled in our politicized climate models.

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According to the mainstream, we are now entering a solar minimum, so it should be getting cooler. But temperature, unlike UVC, is one of those things that cannot be hidden.

I do wonder what is happening with the sun. Also interesting that the earth's magnetic fields are weakening, and the last time there was a reversal there was apparently a significant dieoff.

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Yep, it's complicated as shit. Al Gore doesn't seem to think so.

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The first horseman of the apocalypse is "crowned in white at the top of the sky". The Sun isn't yellow anymore, it is much more white, which means more blue/purple light reaching us, as you testify.

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I have never been big on bible stuff, but supposedly it also says the next apocalypse will involve everyone getting incinerated or some shit.

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Not EVERYONE but ahem, "the impure" or some similar vague categorization. I'm not big on the bible stuff either, but every religion has a similar event coming "at some point". That's gotta mean something.

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That's gotta mean something.

No it doesn't - other than obvious synchronous mass existential dread of death/doom/disaster.

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Dude. Every faith claims they are the "true faith" but they all have this thing in common. BECAUSE IT HAPPENS OVER AND OVER AGAIN, every 12,000 years to be precise.

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Every faith has ridiculous dogma too. Should we pay more attention to ridiculous things?

Everything has a beginning and end. People also die, over and over. As do cultures. That's not unique within our space/time continuum. Our planet will be consumed by the Sun in 5 billion years and the Sun will in turn have its fate, as will the galaxy and Universe.

Natural Law with the Golden Rule is the only truth they share worth paying attention to.

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Science has demonstrated that every 12,000 years, the Earth undergoes an extreme upheaval, an Extinction Level Event. Science also shows HOW it happens, and it's about to happen again. All of our technology will suddenly one day stop working, and about a decade later, most life on Earth will die.

This is a fact.

You choose to scoff? Go ahead, scoff. Sneer. Raise your eyes to the sky. But just do me a favor: once everything stops working, remember my words. You'll have a decade left. Use that time well.

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We know science is not binary, true/false, and is on a spectrum - not to be confused with scientism.

and it's about to happen again.

I'm open to this idea as there are many doom scenarios that seem plausible, also on a spectrum.

All of our technology will suddenly one day stop working

Just as everything has a beginning and an end.

You'll have a decade left. Use that time well.

UN Agenda 2030 is active on MANY levels. Any of us that get 10 years will be among the fortunate. Tyranny is rising and we must resist. They can manipulate the weather too. It remains to be seen how all this plays out but IMO this global class war will be much worse than the World Wars of the last century.

Regardless, none of this validates your idea that religions have some legit magic connection because they all have apocalyptic prophecies. That's NOT science. Even my /s/BittersweetSeeds story ends on a question about the fate of humanity.

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I'm open to this idea as there are many doom scenarios that seem plausible, also on a spectrum.

The scenario is explained in detail in the playlists. The daily update of 4-6 minutes covers the ongoing changes, and associated science stories.

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Yep. I've been subscribed and even shared some.

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Agenda 2030, class wars, none of what you posted is relevant to the topic. Only other time you see walls of irrelevant replies is when a thread is being derailed in a forum by bad actors.

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They are relevant because the ruling class uses every means to control us - and they will use the natural weather of our solar system against us if they can too. They will also provide misinformation.

I don't know why you'd imply I was a bad actor when I was agreeing with you. Horrux isn't one either. Sure I have heated discussions with him now and then, but IMO he's legit. You've only been here 7 days, so I don't know you. Welcome to SaidIt.

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Did I write "scientism"? No, I wrote SCIENCE. I know the difference, so please stop talking down at me. Just remember my words once the lights go out and don't come back on. It'll help you, ingrate bastard.

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I didn't say you did say scientism. But I am stating to be clear that there is a a war on science, including pseudoscience, scientism, faith, and religion - and whatever woo that you were pitching at me as if religion had meaningful prophetic insights.

EVERY conversation on this open forum is on the public stage, so you should know that every single thing I write is for an audience greater than two.

Calling me a bastard is low tier, but worse: it makes your discussion look retarded.

I already know the ruling class has barely begun their Agenda 2030 shitstorm and that the /s/CyberWar, /s/FoodCrises, and /s/Energy (as well as /s/Radiation, all subs I started) are going to be problems.

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You judge these things as ridiculous, but you have clearly not studied them at all. Good job, Einstein.

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I've asked for information to compel me to change my mind, and instead you give me sarcasm.

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I DID GIVE IT TO YOU. But I knew it beforehand: it won't be good enough for you.

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To my eyes and ears, you sound more and more like a pure communist. You sound hyper-rationalistic, nihilistic and a denier of ancient wisdom. But whatever.

People from pre-ELE survived somehow, and mankind has been around for a very many of these ELEs. We are descendants of survivors of ELEs dozens of times over. I'll link you a photo of a girl from one indigenous WHITE people from before the ELE. They remember, even though, they may not know they do. They've kept mementos in their cultures. She has a tattoo on her chin. If you've had interest in archaeology or anthropology, you will have seen this symbol before.

You want to know what the Sun looks like just before it explodes and razes our civilization off the face of the Earth? EXACTLY LIKE THIS GIRL'S CHIN TATTOO:

We know this how? SCIENCE.

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Ben at Suspicious0bservers has had a few things to say about the changes in our sun, and what is causing them.

This is just the daily update. Check the links below the video, and note the playlists that go into detail on what is happening, and what to expect between now and 2050.

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Oh, no. That isn't good enough for Mr. Carswell, his lordship wants the papers in this thread or it doesn't count, so it seems.

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Trying to be a smartass doesn't make you smart.

These solar changes details are fascinating but I have yet to see a clear summary about what this actually brings to us now and in the future. Can't you just explain it instead of deflecting with attitude? If it's so obvious then shouldn't there be some good examples around? If asking for clarity to understand makes me seem elevated, then let me ride this elevator to the top floor.

This is the /s/conspiracy sub (not /s/science or /s/space). Explain your theories.

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It's a condensation of over a dozen different and separate scientific disciplines. As such, you will never get your "nutshell". But here I go anyway, filled with generosity as always:

The Sun has a magnetic field, just like the Earth, and so does the galaxy as a whole. As they are rotating, the fields aren't straight at the equator of their plane of rotation, but are more sine-wave shaped. Every few days, the Earth goes from being in the North magnetic field of the Sun, to being in the South magnetic field. The field is wavy and moves outward. Well it turns out that the galaxy has the same thing.

Except the galaxy is very vast and this wavy "electric current sheet" picks up dust and pushes it along like waves. Every 12,000 years or so, the sheet meets our Sun, along with all the dust that comes with it. The Sun goes from being in the North polarity galactic field, to the South one. This creates a lot of upheaval on the Sun itself. But the most dramatic element is the sheet of dust, maybe only a single light-year thick, when it meets the Sun. This dust is accreted into the Sun through gravitation. A lot of it is made up of much heavier elements than most of the composition of the Sun, which are Hydrogen and Helium.

All this dust converges on our not so little ball of nuclear-fusion, million-degree plus matter. These elements perturb the Sun's normal functioning (obviously) and at some point, it gets overwhelmed by all that extra matter and undergoes a massive explosion (a micro-nova). A micro-nova leaves the original star behind where it was, but emits such a massive amount of energy as to cook the surface of most of the celestial bodies around the star. Hell (pun intended), Mercury itself just might be thoroughly liquefied by this energy.

Also, at about the same time, because of the immense electromagnetic perturbations coming from the Sun, the Earth's magnetic field collapses and then inverts polarities. These perturbations and the collapse of the field mean that the Earth's crust, which is MAGNETICALLY LOCKED ONTO THE MANTLE, unlocks. The heavy polar ice caps suddenly are allowed to go where they've been wanting to be: at the equators. The crust rotating about 90 degrees on its axis means that the atmosphere AS WELL AS THE OCEANS, continue on their 1,000mph trajectory, but the land twists about. So now you have the oceans sloshing around in a 1,000 mph tsunami that is literally the size of all the oceans.

Oh yeah, that magnetic field? It's what protects the Earth and its fragile atmosphere from cosmic rays and the temper of the Sun and Galaxy. When it collapses, we don't have that protection anymore.

ELE. It happens every 12,000 years along with geographic pole relocation and magnetic reversals.

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Okay, I apologize for reading my messages from new to old. I won't expect an apology from you for your sour sarcasm against my good faith efforts to communicate.

As they are rotating, the fields aren't straight at the equator of their plane of rotation, but are more sine-wave shaped.

This is new to me, interesting, and seems plausible at first glance.

picks up dust and pushes it along like waves.

Perhaps like galaxy arms have gravitational compression waves?

I've often said the Universe is likely way more dust and debris than anything else. For some reason the experts seem to think that there's a lot of unexplained dark matter and that between the solar systems and galaxies are vast empty voids, yet it seems obvious to me that not everything turns into a star, planet, or even asteroid/comet. There's obviously the L4 and L5 of every large body, the Kuiper Belt, the Oort Cloud, and I'd guess much much much more beyond that. Not just "icy planetesimals" but lots and lots of small dust in no particular hurry, in no particular direction, and under no particular gravitational influence - unlike comets. Sure, I'd guess some of it interacts with each other and even clumps up, but in such vast spaces, without the "organization" of gravity, it seems less likely to actually add up to much. Furthermore, once you snowball up into something big enough, another colliding object will inevitably destroy it, like the Kessler Effect. Perpetually dusty.

These elements perturb the Sun's normal functioning (obviously) and at some point,

It would take much more than a metric fuck-tonne to actually affect the Sun. I can now see that my understanding of dust above that I figured out myself (odd that the MSM documentaries and such can't) and yet my understanding was incomplete and limited if what you are plausibly suggesting is true.

it gets overwhelmed by all that extra matter and undergoes a massive explosion (a micro-nova).

Now I understand what you've been saying. This is not good, if true. If this occurs there's not much we can do, unless you have some plans beyond just prepping.

ELE. It happens every 12,000 years along with geographic pole relocation and magnetic reversals.

Interesting idea. The water-erosion on the Sphinx makes more sense with this theory.

Thanks for finally explaining.

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Here's another very good one that explains the meta of this, brand new from today:

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Thanks for this, I'll watch it right after this.

First, I'm not dismissing this stuff, just like I won't say that the climate or an asteroid are off the table. I'm just being skeptical and adding this doom scenario info to the worry pile for future reference if needed.

Considering that the ruling class has so much power and wealth, including a wealth of knowledge processed for them, why do you think they are risking so much to be obvious liar tyrants and pushing this whole eugenics agenda when they could have simply manipulated their markets, supply chains, etc etc etc without sharing their goals openly and with something as absurd as the scamdemic? Maybe they have so much power they're not risking anything, but that doesn't change this...

The Great Reset is a plan for the future. People who are suicidal, with chronic morbidity, or somehow know they will die do not make grand plans much less act on them.

The scamdemic is an elaborate plan. There's no shortage of easier ways to kill a lot of people, but they don't involve Big Pharma getting profits for ever. They monopolize the food chains and they could have easily poisoned us then starved us in less time. Better yet, they could announce the end of the world and offer a pain-free way to exit the world.

Food for thought.

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Yeah, I know. But if you expect genocidal hyper-narcissistic assholes with a god complex to behave semi reasonably, well... You're mistaken.

Maybe in their delusions, their "god" will look favorably upon who has inflicted the most SUFFERING on the most people. That's exactly what I would expect satan devouts to aim for, so in this regard, they seem to be behaving somewhat rationally, within their absolutely demented vision of things.

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IMO, above all, suffering is a useful distraction tool, akin to MK Ultra and the Shock Doctrine. The Satanic stuff is bonus I think.

Even Corbett mentions the 12k cycle early in this:

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Nah, suffering is their only goal. To arbitrarily impose it on the people. It's what they get up around mid-day for.

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You aren't supposed to stare at the sun.

It feels like you are being cooked.

I live in Texas so this is how it has always seemed to me.

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He's from Autism, Texas.

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But that's not low tier. You are allowed that. Because. No disrespect meant, your highness of Einsteinland.

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I have been in Texas since '96.

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Ah, well then I guess I haven't noticed anything. It's only 93 and it's July, that's better than triple digits we sometimes get.

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people knows some true history knows that, ice ages are what ruins civilizations, not warmer climate cycles. (edit: not that it's impossible but you know, as the flood catastrophe is in every culture's oldest legend, but ice ages are far worse.)

it's just true. our entire civilization, east and west, survives and thrives at the mercy of the next ice age coming too late, like 10%~20% later than it should compared to the last 100 cycles. that is a couple thousand more years of livable climate than geology predicts.

well, yeah, global warming is kinda bad, ruins costal nations / regions, etc. and it's probably real. but i kinda believe that whatever ruins humanity will be the last place it cared to look, things like ice age - no one knows why the postponing happened and we survived in this long summer.

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Did you move recently to a place with different cloud patterns?

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During a grand solar minimum?

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Some people think everything they disagree with is propaganda.

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Some people think everything they disagree with is propaganda.

Aimed at me or not, that's dismissive of free-thinkers as well as the power of propaganda.

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The solar minimum has to do with sunspot activity, not the output on the electromagnetic spectrum. The sun puts out more power during the solar minimum than the solar maximum. The phenomenon is poorly named.

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Actually, it's all electromagnetic-related...


Solar minimum is the period of least solar activity in the 11-year solar cycle of the Sun. During this time, sunspot and solar flare activity diminishes, and often does not occur for days at a time. The date of the minimum is described by a smoothed average over 12 months of sunspot activity, so identifying the date of the solar minimum usually can only happen 6 months after the minimum takes place. Solar minimum is contrasted with the solar maximum, when hundreds of sunspots may occur.



Sunspots are temporary phenomena on the Sun's photosphere that appear as spots darker than the surrounding areas. They are regions of reduced surface temperature caused by concentrations of magnetic field flux that inhibit convection. Sunspots usually appear in pairs of opposite magnetic polarity. Their number varies according to the approximately 11-year solar cycle.



A solar flare is a sudden flash of increased brightness on the Sun, usually observed near its surface and in close proximity to a sunspot group. [...]

[...] Although originally observed in the visible electromagnetic spectrum, especially in the Hα emission line of hydrogen, they can now be detected from radio waves to gamma-rays.

Flares are closely associated with the ejection of plasmas and particles through the Sun's corona into outer space; flares also copiously emit radio waves. [...] High-energy particles, which may be relativistic, can arrive almost simultaneously with the electromagnetic radiations.


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That's just scientism. We're talking about real science here Jason.

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Change my mind. I see no citations, links, sources, etc. I read the OP who is "no astronomer" and has his observational testimony along with unverifiable hearsay, from a week old SaidIt user who could have been on drugs for all we know. They seem rational, but to your comment, I see no "real science here" - I just see hypothesizing.

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Yeah you want me to condense thousands of papers' worth of knowledge about astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, anthropology, paleomagnetism, geology, meteorology and a dozen other fields for your quick and easy perusal. It isn't going to happen.

But luckily for us both, Ben Davidson has already done all that work. Go ahead and LEARN SOMETHING from the channel Node linked you.

Or just take my very very condensed version of it: We have an Extinction Level Event during our lifetime. All that agenda 2030 crap is just more distraction to keep you busy so you miss the big picture.

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Yeah you want me to condense thousands of papers' worth of knowledge about astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, anthropology, paleomagnetism, geology, meteorology and a dozen other fields for your quick and easy perusal. It isn't going to happen.

You're being disingenuous and hyperdramatic. Just explain in a sentence or few with a link or few. If this is so obvious then I'm sure someone somewhere has encapsulated it in a good nutshell or few worth digesting.

But luckily for us both, Ben Davidson has already done all that work. Go ahead and LEARN SOMETHING from the channel Node linked you.

As I stated, I'm already subscribed and have shared some on SaidIt over the last few years. He doesn't nutshell much, nor am I fully clear what the future holds according to him, nor is he crystal clear either.

Or just take my very very condensed version of it: We have an Extinction Level Event during our lifetime.

That's certainly possible and plausible on many fronts. You've condensed it, but aren't at all clear.

All that agenda 2030 crap is just more distraction to keep you busy so you miss the big picture.

As a good truth-seeking skeptic, I'm open to this possibility. But I need more to go on to even understand your stance, much less decide how much credence I want to give it.