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They have a new Biden mask and working out well for them

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Daamn that chutzpah

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Sorry, i'll never admire micropenis big showoff and money scamming-compensating behaviour.

If God liked jews, he'd have given them hair that doesn't grow out of their noses and ears.

Instead he'd have them equipped with a real dick which may or may not have incited them with the longing to actually take responsibility for what they've done and do.

He'd also possibly had given them daughters that don't fall for guys from other religions so easily.

I'm sure he'd even be happy to hear that they actually didn't intend to crucify his son.(Surely this time everyone will be believe when these sad old guys once more try to lie their heads out of this big hangman's knot).

A knot they themselves tied and no one else.

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Good work, Jesus.

These Jews never cease to amaze me

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That was a nice video. Such a piece of scum.